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Tap an App - to Stay Healthy!

Tap an App – to Stay Healthy!

Leading a healthy life just got simpler with “smart” phones flooding the market. Phones and mobiles were devices initially built to solve a simple purpose of talking. However, with the extensive range of applications and fe...

Baby Milestones - Baby Stages, Baby Expenses, Babysitters [Infographic]

Baby Milestones – Baby Stages, Baby Expenses, Babysitters [Infographic]

This infographic guides parents on how and when babies usually meet their milestones. This also shows how much parents spent on their babies considering their needs. There are baby stages that majority are experiencing with reg...

Tall Green Tree

Amazing New Medical Findings

Medicine is like technology; it is constantly changing. There are always new updates and changes being made that allow us to live longer than ever before. Things that were once a death sentence have become problems of the past ...

3 Natural Food Weight Loss

Top 3 Natural Food for a Speedy Weight Loss

Aren’t we all happy souls living in a world where our work takes over on our health and eating habits? We more than often ignore healthy food because it doesn’t entice out taste buds and opt for the fast food that is easily...

Installing a Home Gym

Benefits of Installing a Home Gym

If you’re fed of up traipsing to the gym every day or of paying extortionate membership fees, then perhaps it’s time you built your own gym at home in your garage! Although the upfront costs may be quite high, the o...

Caucasians Start Blue Eyed

Why All Caucasians Start Out Blue Eyed

African-American, Hispanic and Asian babies are usually born with dark brown that stay dark their whole lives. It is a different story with Caucasian babies. Many people notice, when looking back through old baby photos, that t...

Drop Sets

Getting the Most out of Drop Sets

Why do we workout? The simple answer is to get in better shape. Now whether that shape is larger, thinner, more toned more athletic, or something else really depends on the individual. How can we get in better shape? Regardless...

Activities for Adrenaline Junkies

Top 5 Adventure Activities for Adrenaline Junkies

If the your friends are complaining that there is nothing fun to do on the weekends, or they are sick of the same old boring activities, go and try out some of these amazing adventure and adrenaline activities.   Mountain ...

Makeup and Your Little Gir

Makeup and Your Little Girl – an Age Appropriate Guide

In some ways the words ‘makeup’ and ‘little girl’ really don’t fit when used together in a serious quandary. But before I start giving exact ages that define a “little girl” let me first indicate several points re...

Fat Burning Foods

Best Fat Burning Foods [Video]

Top 10 Fat Loss Foods         12 Foods That Help You Burn More Fat         5 Fat Burning Foods         Top 4 Fat Burning Foods