Makeup and Your Little Girl – an Age Appropriate Guide

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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In some ways the words ‘makeup’ and ‘little girl’ really don’t fit when used together in a serious quandary. But before I start giving exact ages that define a “little girl” let me first indicate several points regarding skin care prior to a young lady graduating from high school. As a girl uses her body and mind for healthy play, drinks plenty of water, and learns routines and habits of cleanliness, she will find few reasons to wear makeup while she is little; she will be much too preoccupied. In her future, truly special occasions may give permission for some enhancement of her natural beauty.


Drinking water is probably the best daily routine to develop. Conversely, drinking other liquids, like soda or even juice instead of water, or any other water substitutes, will detract from beautiful, natural skin regardless of the age. Water encourages freeing the body of impurities thus enabling a natural cleansing.

Play and Cleanliness

Getting plenty of outside exercise and play is also vital in maintaining healthy skin. When children play hard and perspire, pores in the skin open releasing wastes. They then come in and wash their face and hands. If children, both boys and girls can establish the routine of keeping their hands away from their faces, they will give these areas less opportunity for germs and bacteria to cause later skin problems. A good shower, either in the morning or evening and washing the hair every other day, are good habits to encourage as well.


One expression says, playing hard means sleeping hard. Sleep comes easy to a girl who has had an active day, and receiving plenty of sleep, about 8 -10 hours a day is another way to avoid having to wear makeup. Whether you are a young girl or an older woman, letting the body completely shut down in good sleep allows for relaxation of all its parts…including the skin. And as a woman ages, wrinkles are less likely to form when she has a good sleep routine.

What about Age

However, since this article is to address an age appropriate guide for girls to wear makeup, this author suggests that other than the occasional dance recital, little girls, especially between the ages of 5 – 12, should avoid wearing makeup at all. If summer and winter temperatures reach unbearable ranges, a little lip moisturizer is quite appropriate. But even college age young women can refrain from makeup on a daily basis, possibly wearing a light moisturizer with UV protectant, along with lip moisturizer. Special occasions, other than dance recitals, may warrant some makeup for little girls. For example, the once in a lifetime wedding where being a flower girl or junior bridesmaid would need a little clear mascara and tinted lip gloss. But again, conservative is the key, letting her enchanting natural, healthy glow show through. Including drinking plenty of water, play and cleanliness, along with restful sleep, establishing these patterns of good health and hygiene are vital for a girl’s skin care early in her life; they will provide her with the ability to only feel the need to use makeup for very special occasions.

Kathryn Thompson is a fashion guru and makeup artist.  She enjoys blogging about beauty tips and skin care and recently wrote about her favorite makeup brands and cosmetic brushes.


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