Helping Someone Close To You With Diabetes

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Whether it is a close friend, your partner or even one of your own children, when somebody that means a lot to you finds out that they have diabetes it can be distressing. It is that person who has to deal with it but it is natural to feel a great sense of empathy with their situation. Anyone who is diagnosed as having diabetes has to adjust their routine to a certain extent and it does take some getting used to but it does not have to be something that holds a person back in any way.

In any respect, having a good level of understanding is very important when providing support to someone and this can certainly be said in this particular case. There are some particularly unpleasant parts to having diabetes and until a cure is found it will be necessary to treat it as a lifelong illness. However, solace can be gained from the fact that once you adapt to the techniques and practices to take on board it is possible to get back to living the life you want. If someone close to you is just getting used to having diabetes and you want to help then these pieces of advice may be worth considering.


Offer to Lighten The Load Where Possible

A person can be diagnosed as diabetic regardless of their time of life but for a child or teenager it can be very difficult to deal with. In this case it is necessary to give them responsibility, although much more gradually if they are particularly young, but they will need help in the initial stages. As they get older you may well find that they want to take care of it all on their own but it does not mean you cannot offer to help out wherever you can.


Respect The Need for Privacy

With the injections and suchlike that come as a part of diabetes (type 1) it is understandable that your loved one may feel the need for some time alone when they have to perform certain actions related to the condition. Offering to help is a good thing but never try to force it on someone if they genuinely feel better without it.


Recognise How It can Affect Mood and Feelings

There is a lot you can do to help yourself if you have diabetes including getting a good amount of exercise to lessen the amount of insulin you need but there are times when despite your best efforts your body may simply stipulate that your sugar is high or low. It can be frustrating and when it is high it can make you feel slightly ill, whereas when your sugar is low it can make you irritable.


Take the Positives

If you are a parent then you feel every bit of pain that your child goes through but with diabetes never blame yourself if your son or daughter is diagnosed. It doesn’t mean you have to dress diabetes up as something wonderful but it is best to focus on the good that can come from it. It is a serious condition but in truth there is no reason why it should stop a person from doing anything, so look at the positives such as how it gives them greater responsibility.


Kate Davison has family members who have diabetes and she recalls the help IAS Medical gave her cousin when an air ambulance was needed to reach her.



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