What Dress Should You Choose As A Plus Size Woman?

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Plus sized women who buy dresses often find the experience difficult. So much of the fashion range on offer today targets slim women with a more straight build. They aren’t suited to the voluptuous curves of the plus sized woman. If you want to buy a dress for your next event, read through this guide to buying a dress for the plus sized woman.


Structure and Proportion

You want to make the most of your figure. You shouldn’t hide your curves. They’re an asset to you. Your goal in a dress is to make the most of your body structure and create proportion to highlight your best areas. In this case, many women assume you need a tailor-made dress. You don’t.


Consider a wrap dress. It offers a nice waistline which automatically draws the eyes to the wrap design. You’ll have an hourglass figure which creates a proportion which looks fantastic on a lot of plus sized women.


Another option is a fitted pencil sheath. It makes the body look slightly more elongated. Pair it with a cinched belt on your waist and you can even create an hourglass figure whilst adding some shine with your belt buckle. The silhouette makes the most of your assets and offers a very pleasing look.


Problem Spots

If you don’t feel confident about certain areas of your body, nobody is going to convince you otherwise. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy a dress. We would advise avoiding the long and heavy dresses which hide your figure. This is like an advertisement for a lack of self-confidence and it doesn’t look good.


Hide it in a classier way. A drape dress adds frills and different folds and textures to your body. It hides problem areas and draws eyes to the dress itself, rather than the figure hiding under it. You can leverage the dress in a variety of different ways, so it’s also a very customisable dress.


The Debate Over Patterns

For many years fashion experts have argued over whether a plus sized woman should have any sort of pattern on a dress. Whilst the debate is still on-going, we have reached some sort of compromise. If you do use a pattern you should ensure it covers the whole dress. Your biggest problem is showing an imbalance in your body, which detracts from how attractive you look.


A pattern which doesn’t cover the whole dress is an imbalance. This works fine on a slim woman, but on you it highlights exactly what you don’t want to highlight.


Stripes were once a fashion taboo for women. Now they’re used regularly. Bigger women should try to opt for a more pinstripe effect. Large block stripes can create a warped effect which draws attention to a fuller figure.


Generally, if you aren’t confident you shouldn’t attempt to add patterns to your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn a dress for a long time just keep things simple. The harder you try the more likely you are to do the wrong thing. Be relaxed about the buying process and take a look at some dresses you like.


John Denver is the author of this article. He is a famous fashion stylist who enjoys blogging in his spare time. He feels that the best place to shop for plus size dresses is ebay as they have a huge range of clothing and accessories.


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