Feeling A Little Stressed Out? It’s Time To Give Yourself Some Time Out!

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It’s easy to keep putting up with life’s stresses and strains, and carry on rolling with the punches. Life gets very busy for us all and the temptation is to keep going under the pressure. It may be against your instincts to stop and take breath, but that is exactly what you are going to have to do. If you continue to ignore your body’s signs that you are stressed then you are heading for a major crash. Sooner or later your body will just stop working no matter how much adrenaline it has pumping around it, and you will be in danger of having a breakdown. It’s much better to acknowledge that you are stressed and do something about it. Here are our suggestions for taking a little time out:


A Spa Day

Spas are wonderful places. It’s hard to think about anything while you are there apart from what lovely things are happening to your body! Treat yourself to a day in a luxury spa – you will be amazed at just how beneficial spending the day in a dressing gown can be! Switch between the sauna, the jacuzzi, the swimming pool and a steam room and you will be transported into another world – a world where mobile phones, laptops and tablets are banned! If your budget will allow for it, give yourself a special treat by booking a massage, a manicure and pedicure or a facial. You will emerge from the spa feeling revitalised and ready to hit the ground running in the morning with new energy.


A Long Solitary Walk

You’ll be amazed at just how much good a long walk will do you. Leave your phone at home, and head out to the woods, or to the beach, or anywhere else that you think you will feel relaxed. While you are walking take the time to notice what is going on around you. What can you smell? What do you see? What wildlife and vegetation can you spot? What about the sky – are there any clouds? Touching base with nature will help you see your problems in perspective, and it’ll give you some much-needed time out from your normal life. Nature can be very inspiring so let it heal you.


A Night Away On Your Own

As much as you love spending time with other people, sometimes we just all need a bit of time on our own. Why don’t you treat yourself to a short break at a hotel or B&B somewhere? You can treat yourself to a slap-up dinner, and spend some ‘me time’ alone with a book or a film. A little time out on your own can make you feel really alive, and if you’re feeling lonely you can always give someone a ring for a natter!


As important as all the things that you are worrying about are, it is also important that you prioritise your mental wellbeing too. Taking regular breaks and seeking some solitude will really help you appreciate what is important in life again. Try it soon!


Today’s feature writer, John Smith, works at Spa Factory Seconds, a company supplying a range of portable spas in Australia. He enjoys his job and he spends time with his family when he gets free from work. Visit www.spafactoryseconds.com.au/ to know more about his company.



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