Mums – You Work Hard! It’s Time To Treat Yourselves!

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As every mother knows, looking after children is as frustrating and tiring as it is enjoyable and fun. Children bring so much joy into your lives, but their constant desire for adventure and stimulation can leave you feeling more than a little frazzled at the end of each day. Now, we’re betting that you have plenty of friends that are feeling just as shattered as you are, so here’s what we suggest – a day out together in a spa! You all deserve it, and you will get so much from it. Not only will you have a real giggle and feel really relaxed, but you will also emerge looking and feeling utterly fabulous. Here’s what to do:


Make the Booking

Gather up as many of your friends as you can find who need a break, agree on a date, and book yourselves into a local spa as a group. Have a look online and compare all of the spas available – you will find that they differ greatly, so make sure you find one that is suitable for you all. Choose one with a swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room a jacuzzi, and of course, one with plenty of treatments available too. Book as many treatments as your budget will allow – but make sure you splash out – how often do you all get a chance to spend a day together, away from children, being pampered?!


Book a Massage

If you don’t have any other treatment, you simply must book a massage as it’s the quickest, most sublime way to wind down that there is! Choose from a full body massage, a back, neck and shoulders massage, a head massage or even a hand and foot massage. You should each book at least one treatment which will intersperse your time in the spa.


Choose Some Other Treatments

If there is room in the budget then think about having some other treatments too. How about a manicure and pedicure to leave your fingers and toes looking stunning? Or perhaps a facial which will leave your face looking and feeling ten years younger? Whatever your personal preference, go for it, and try to convince your friends to do the same.


A Meal & Some Drinks

You will come out of the spa feeling hungry, so now you have two options. Either you can go for a healthy meal and wash it down with loads of water and fresh fruit juice. Or (and here is the option we prefer!) you can go out on the town and hit the bars! All that time spent being healthy and virtuous has to be countered somehow, after all!


You and your friends will be able to go back to your partners and children with a renewed sense of spirit, having far more energy to deal with motherhood all over again. Make it a monthly treat – some regular time out with your girlfriends is sometimes all you need to set you back on an even keel. Spas offer total and utter relaxation – there’s no better place to unwind!


This post has been contributed by Neena Jackson; she works as a beautician at Pink Lime, a premier spa located in the Vancouver area. Her hobbies include painting and calligraphy.



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