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Leading a healthy life just got simpler with “smart” phones flooding the market. Phones and mobiles were devices initially built to solve a simple purpose of talking. However, with the extensive range of applications and features available on smartphones, talking is something that smartphones are least utilized for! Smartphone users have access to such an incredibly vast array of applications that it’s almost mind-boggling to make a choice on which applications to download. Similarly, there are thousands of health applications available in the market – here’s making it easy for you by listing out the top 7 free must-have apps for your phone!


Runkeeper (Compatible with Android and iPhone)

The perfect app for all you running enthusiasts, Runkeeper can pretty much record the time, distance, calories, as well as you running pace. It also lets you store these statistics – to compare with your next run! Easy


Fooducate (Compatible with Android and iPhone)

Fooducate makes sure that you select food that is healthy and nutritious. Just one scan on the barcode and the app will give you full nutritional details of the food item, including the amount of calories! This app could very well be your best friend at the food mall.


Instant Heart Rate (Compatible with Android and iPhone)

Instant heart rate is the best app for monitoring the heart beat rate – giving extremely quick and accurate results. This is ideal to be used during your workout, exercise and training sessions.


Workout Trainer (Compatible with Android and iPhone)

Workout trainer is like having a personal workout coach right beside you! This app will give you free workouts and tips led by expert coaches – complete audio, photo and video instructions and guide lines. Interestingly, it also lets you create your own workout program and get coached accordingly!


Endomondo Sports Tracker (Compatible with Blackberry and Android)

Be it any outdoor sports or activities – running, hiking, cycling, walking etc. this wonderful app will track the duration, distance, calories and the speed.  It also provides a route map. Besides, you also get audio feedback for every mile/km.


Water Your Body (Compatible with Android)

Has drinking adequate amount of water always been a pain for you? No problem, Water Your Body is here. This app is literally like your mother – reminding you to drink water regularly and also tracks daily water intake. So download this cracking app and stay hydrated!


Lose it! (Compatible with Android and iPhone)

Yes, as the name suggests, lose it – the weight! This is an ideal app if you are looking to shed some of that extra fat. It provides you with a weight loss program and also recommends a calorie budget on a daily basis. It also helps you track the nutritional value of the food – bringing you closer to your goal.

Staying healthy is extremely important, especially so with the kind of busy and hectic lifestyles that most of us lead. These health and fitness applications are unquestionably the most easy and handy way to stay healthy and thanks to the mobile revolution, they can all be found in your pocket!


Lian Jackson is a fitness and health enthusiast. He did a research on natural medicine in adelaide and recommends natural medicine for healing purposes to treat ailments and injuries.

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