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Medicine is like technology; it is constantly changing. There are always new updates and changes being made that allow us to live longer than ever before. Things that were once a death sentence have become problems of the past or things that you can live with.

We have been pretty focused on health news lately and completely amazed by some of the things that we have seen along the way. It feels right to focus on this topic today and tell you about some pretty exciting advancements in the medical field. Feel free to share your own below.


The Benefits of Omedga-3 Fatty Acids

While many people know omega-3 fatty acids are a good part to any diet, not many people know why. Recently it has been discovered that these acids can actually help to keep your cholesterol in check. This is why more and more people are taking these acids as a supplement in order to keep themselves healthy. When you add these on top of healthy eating habits, cutting out liquid carbs and exercising as you should on a regular basis; you are definitely going to be increasing the length of your life, which is something so many of us would die for.


Simple Depression Aid

Millions of people around the globe suffer from depression. It’s one of those things that you can either be born with or can occur when the body has been under large amounts of stress. How long it takes to heal varies. Some people have it their entire lives with only brief moments of relief, while others are able to get rid of it and never come down with it again.

There is good news for everyone who has ever suffered from depression because there is a new way to get some relief. Before taking this form of action into consideration it is important that you first try medication and psychotherapy because in most cases, these are going to get you to where you want to be. Instead of going with the scary electroconvulsive therapy (which can potentially cause seizures and memory loss), you may want to consider transcranial magnetic stimulation.

While that is a mouthful, it’s actually quite simple. Basically, a small electromagnet is placed on your scalp in the center of your head, towards the top of the individual’s forehead. This magnet sends a very small current of electricity to the area of the brain that is known to cause depression. The interesting news is that doctors do not yet understand why it helps.


Vaccinations for Cancer

While this may sound too good to be true, there are actually vaccinations on the market today that can help fight against ‘The Big C’. One such cancer that these vaccinations have shown to work well against is prostate cancer. This is great news, as cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. One day, we picture cancer being a thing of the past; hopefully soon.


Joe Miranda is a very warm and helpful person. He is actively involved in the welfare of cancer patients. He just visited a new medical facility in his city and was really amazed with the a gadget called the miRNA expression which helps in profiling and classifying human cancer.



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