Top 3 Natural Food for a Speedy Weight Loss

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Aren’t we all happy souls living in a world where our work takes over on our health and eating habits? We more than often ignore healthy food because it doesn’t entice out taste buds and opt for the fast food that is easily available. The people who love eating are always the ones who exercise well and take their health seriously. Those who love eating fast food are the ones who end up gaining weight even when they “think” their eating habits are under control.
Lets take a look at the top 3 Natural foods that are recommended the most for a Speedy Weight Loss

  • Bottle Gourd: You might hate the idea of having bottle gourd to lose weight and might give up even before starting. Trust me, it’s not that bad. Bottle Gourd is rich in fiber and has lots of water in it. What you can do is have bottle gourd juice with some basil added to it. If you do not like the idea of that, add mint or lemon to it. There are many ways you can have this juice with; it depends on your tastes and choice.Having this juice in the morning helps the most as you are filling your stomach with fiber and water which are the most vital elements to lose weight. Bottle Gourd can also be eaten raw. Add honey to the juice if you like; that can help in adding taste to. Honey has its own power to help you lose weight.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes help you losing weight very fast without leaving you starving. Tomatoes has its own benefits of not only losing weight but also to help preventing ailments like high blood pressure and cancer. When we are exposed to sunlight, toxic food items or smoke, our cells are damaged in many ways. The lycomato antioxidant fights the radical damage to our body cells. Tomato can be had raw, added in a salad, had with brown bread or just crushed to make juice. Add salt to it and your diet food is ready. Do not throw away the seeds part because that helps to maintain the glow on your skin. If you are not a person who drinks more water or keep forgetting to have some, tomatoes will compensate for the amount of water needed in the body. Salad can be had in breakfast as well as lunch. However, eating tomatoes at night helps the most to lose weight.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is very well known for its slimming properties. The main reason to have green tea as a part of weight loss program is because it improves the body metabolism by about 4 percent. Green tea is not a part of any of the caffeine items. So there is no limit to how many times you can have green tea in a day. Still everything should be in limit. Green tea holds the fat and fights the sugar. Hence it is considered amongst the top foods to lose weight. A diet should be followed with the consumption of green tea. Or else, if you keep eating fatty food thinking green tea will take care, then you would be fooling yourself. Green tea is commonly had with honey and lemon.


About Author: JP is a fanatic blogger who loves to write on Health and beauty. This article highlights tips on some of the quickest way to lose weight naturally. 



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