Baby Milestones – Baby Stages, Baby Expenses, Babysitters [Infographic]

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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This infographic guides parents on how and when babies usually meet their milestones. This also shows how much parents spent on their babies considering their needs. There are baby stages that majority are experiencing with regards to their diet, physical skills, language and cognitive skills. 1-5 months old babies only needs breast milk or formula milk while 6 months onwards can start from puree and solid foods. They will be able to lift their head in their tummies on their first month and slowly progressing to roll over in both sides at 6 months. First teeth sprout at 7th month and will be able to improve physical skills between 8-24 months of age. Language skill for 1-5 months old babies, usually involve coos, smiles and imitates sounds by 6 months. 8-12 months, they would be able to combine syllables, knows more than one word and can say “mama” and “dada” properly. The infographic also shows baby moments which are important to keep in mind like activities done with daytrips, singing, dancing and reading books.

Baby Milestones



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