3 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Changes, and Treatments

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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This is the phase when your baby started its transformation from a cell to a complete baby. The zygote or the fertilized egg now started to divide itself to form a small ball, which is of microscopic cells. The ball is really tiny and even smaller than the period you put at the end of a sentence.

3 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms

Tenderness and swollen breast may occur in the 3 Weeks Pregnant: Tenderness in the breast is one of the most common symptoms related with this stage of 3 Weeks Pregnant. You may also notice your breasts swell when you are 3 weeks pregnant.

You feel fatigue: Are you feeling tired without working hard? It can happen if you are passing through your 3 Weeks Pregnant stage. Fatigue can be said to be the outcome of the effort of your body in the baby making process. At this stage there is also an increase in the progesterone hormone and the increased level of this hormone results in causing fatigue.

Visiting loo too often: You may have to go to loo at frequent intervals. It is common with the women who are at their 3 Weeks Pregnant stage.

Aversions to food: You may feel really bad to have those foods which had been your favorites. It is a common factor that you may turn off from some foods rather than cravings to eat the same.

Your smell sense may get heightened: You may suddenly feel that you have heightened sense of smell. Do not get overwhelmed. It is a common factor and often regarded as one of the common symptoms of 3 Weeks Pregnant stage.

Increase in your basal body temperature: You may notice that you have high basal body temperature. It is also one of the common symptoms of 3 Weeks Pregnant stage.

3 Weeks Pregnant – What’s Changing For You?

It may happen, and it happens often, that conceived mothers are not aware of their pregnancy when they are 3 weeks pregnant. You may also unaware of your pregnancy but by the end of this week can notice those implantation spotting. However, the spotting is really light and a small number of women can experience the same.

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3 Weeks Pregnant – Tips to treat

Turn off from wine and those smokes which you had enjoyed before. You should be careful enough to keep your body in its perfect shape and without any adverse effects. So, if you are habituated to take a glass of wine after dinner, you must say ‘No’ now. But still you can enjoy a nice and safe cocktail by blending cranberry juice, lemon juice and seltzer in your wine glass and cheers with your partner.

Those prenatal multivitamins are still your friends and you should continue the same. Also, you should stay on your diet chart that has healthy lunches, breakfasts and dinners. You should equally be careful about snacks and take only healthy snacks, which come power packed with nutrition.

Your meeting with your practitioner will bear a nicer result. You can discuss with your doctor about your pregnancy and necessary steps you should take to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. This week will also give you scope to enjoy sex at its best.


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