Easy Lifestyle Changes To Help Protect Your Eyesight

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Your eyes are the most important and also the most delicate organs in your body. Because of their delicate nature, you need to take as much care of them as you would the rest of your body. By taking the right supplements, wearing sunglasses, eating good foods and making other changes you can keep your eyes well protected.



The foods that you eat are an essential part of keeping your muscles healthy, and ultimately eyes are organs controlled by 6 main muscles. Eating well and eating things such as fruits and vegetables helps your body get the amount of antioxidants it needs to flush out any antibodies. These antioxidants can therefore work to help keep all organs healthy, including your eyes.



When your eyes are exposed to a lot of strong UV sun rays, it can damage the outer tissue of the eyeball. The cells which make up the eye are extremely delicate and once damaged cannot be repaired. It is therefore essential to get sunglasses for occasions in which you might be exposed to glare or strong sunlight. If you are regularly exposed to reflective surfaces such as water or glass and you find the intensity of the light too much for your eyes, you can try polarized shades from 8wake.com which offer glare reduction so that it is easier to see. These polarized sunglasses are particularly effective for people that play water sports.


Eye Tests

For people that wear glasses, it is important to get regular eye checks – ideally every 6 months if you are under 19, and every year if you are over 40. If you don’t wear glasses, these can be less regular (every 2 years) but if you are getting headaches or find yourself squinting to read signs etc, eye tests are important for your general safety – especially if you need glasses to drive. Remember tinted sunglasses or prescription sunglasses are also very important as the lenses can help your vision and also help you see better when driving.



Getting enough sleep is an important part of keeping your body healthy, so when you want to protect your eyes, a great way of doing so is to keep your body and therefore your eyes well rested. During your recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, your body is given a chance to repair and regenerate and this means that all organs including your eyes get the proper rest and recovery period that they need.



Vitamin A is popular with people who are serious about protecting their eyesight. Although it can be found in many foods, taking supplements can give you a more concentrated amount of the vitamin. Making sure hta tyou get the right vitamins in your diet is essential in ensuring that you give your body’s cells the fuel they need to repair themselves. Vitamin C is also great for keeping your immune system strong and fighting infection so sources of vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables (especially citrus fruits) are a good choice.


Author Bio: Emily has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Started off as a model and is now a fashion enthusiast. Recently Emily purchased a couple of sunglasses from 8wake. They were fantastic and at a terrific price.



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