Considering A Breast Enlargement? So Are Many Others And Here’s Why

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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More and more women are opting for breast augmentation surgery – it has never been so common. Get any stereotypes and misconceptions out of your head – not every woman wants their own pair of eye-poppers. The Dolly Parton/Jessica Rabbit ‘bulging breast’ look is not for most people. There are plenty of women that would just like to go up a couple of cup sizes, and why shouldn’t they? With women working harder than ever and earning more money, more have the freedom to choose how they spend their money, and many are opting for cosmetic surgery. Here are just a few reasons why women may choose to enlarge their breasts:



To Get Attention from Men

We all know that men love a good pair of boobs. Women who struggle to attract men may think it’s because their breasts are not big enough. They are wrong! It’s their lack of self-confidence that puts men off. Having your breasts enlarged will certainly help you get more attention from men (though not the kind of man you might want!) but the important thing is that your self-esteem will get a boost. Men find that irresistible. Women subconsciously want to appear more fertile to men – it’s in our biological makeup. So when we meet a man we want to present them with a whacking great milk rack. Of course this is rubbish – the size of your breasts make no difference whatsoever to your fertility. It’s just what we do.


To Look More Womanly

Flat-chested women have usually spent their teenage years being teased by boys and girls about looking like a boy. This has a long-term impact on a person, and the hang-up is often taken into adulthood. Although many models rock the flat-chested look beautifully, most women just feel boyish and they yearn for boobs of a decent size to make them look more feminine.


To Look Better in Their Clothes

There’s no satisfaction in putting a dress on when you are flat-chested. Your body may be amazing everywhere else but you will just focus on the lack of cleavage when you look in the mirror. A pair of breasts that are proportionate to the rest of your body help any outfit look better, from a simple t-shirt to a glamorous cocktail dress. Clothes are generally designed to take into account breasts, so if you haven’t got any to speak of you may find that clothes just don’t fit like they should.


To Look Like the Girls in the Glossies

Sadly, there is a huge pressure for us all to look like the sort of women that have been groomed and airbrushed to within an inch of their lives in the magazines. When a famous person gets a boob job and pulls it off, there is always a rush on cosmetic surgery – it’s a great advert. Of course there are the celebrities who go too far by installing two space hoppers on their chests, and while we scoff, we’re secretly impressed, if only for the way they defy gravity.

It’s vital to think and talk it through before you take the plunge with a plunging neckline.


Today’s guest author, Mary Jones, is working for Ahmet R. Karaca, who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. She is very health conscious and since she believes in fresh organic food, she grows her own vegetables in her small garden patch.



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