Treating Obesity with Ayurveda

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Ayurvedic treatment is very popular for weight loss. Though it is an Indian treatment method but is becoming popular throughout the world.Ayurveda is a traditional treatment including natural and balanced life style which means understanding nature and its changing cycles. Whether your diet is health or not, depends on three things as, what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. If we observe our habits, we will find that our emphasis is more on what we eat rather than how and when we eat. We keep on following calories and fat reducing products rather than knowing the importance of diet taken at right time.


It was researched in 1992 that people who lose weight can regain it within 4 to 5 years. And it was also researched that Europeans diet is more close to ayurvedic diet as compared to any other country. For weight loss through ayurveda, we should first have knowledge of what to eat. Only seasonal foods should be taken,e.g in summer eat only those foods which are naturally harvested in that season, and never have nuts in summers or have it in less amount, whereas stews, soups grains and fats and fish is also recommended in cold weather. For springs and rainy seasons you can find in nature the diets as green veggies, berries, sprouts, leefy green veggies and grapefruits, etc. And these foods are good for burning fat.In summers you can see that we can get naturally cold fruits as melons and water melons which help us fight against hot season.


You can observe that if you eat off seasonal foods, it can harm your health thus also increasing fat and weight gain. Similarly all five tastes are good for health if taken in a balanced way. It is recommended by the experts to have a certain amount of all five tastes daily, like sour, sweet, salty, biter and spicy.


Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe 

Another important factor for effective weight loss is when to eat. We must have three meals in our daily diet along with snacks, like breakfast, lunch and dinner. As if we do not take meal at right time, either the blood sugar or blood pressure slows due to which we have to take sweets or chocolates thus causing more weight gain. Try to void a routine full of stress as stress can encourage you towards more food. Similarly how to eat is as important like what and when to eat. It has become a habit of the majority to eat while watching TV or reading. It is researched that we eat more while watching TV or reading a book. Besides it affects our stomach thus causing certain health issues. A meal should be taken in a relaxed way not going in car and having a burger or so. While eating there should be a link between body and mind thus concentrating on eating and enjoying the food. Food should not be taken like filling yourself with fuel and then go. Food should be taken as a sacred factor, not like Americans who are always at rush due to busy lifestyle.




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