Don’t Wallow In The Top 5 Myths Of Invisalign Braces; Instead Make Smart Decisions

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Thinking of getting those invisalign braces done, but scared because of the horror stories your mother told you during your childhood days? Well fear not for today all those loose myths shall be shattered. Laugh it off if you want to, but don’t let fear overtake you; for today you shall come to know about the top 5 Myths related to Invisalign braces.


1. My teeth are crowding: Well this is what most people think; but there is no proof to support such thoughts. And wisdom teeth do not crowd, period. If this was true, then none of the dental experts would have suggested invisalign braces. Teeth get crooked over time and they need to be aligned and corrected; hence, dentists use Invisalign to correct the positioning of the teeth. Teeth would drift forward in time, no matter what you do; so chill, there isn’t anything to worry about.


2. The invisalign braces have to be very tightly fit to get the teeth correct: On the contrary you feel nothing actually when this process is applied, say experts. The wires for the braces are so light feathered, that you wouldn’t feel they are in your mouth at all. The soreness is minimal, does not last for more than 24 hours, and the tooth motion distress is negligible, say, only a few hours.  Some complain of the agony, but once again, it’s all psychologically placed; so blame it on popular media or whatever you want to blame it on, but it is perfectly safe to get Invisalign done on your teeth.


3. The tighter doesn’t always mean better: Most customers ask for tighter braces and think invisalign wouldn’t do well. Chances are the heavier the force, the faster would the teeth deteriorate in times ahead.  Yes a specific amount of pressure and force is needed to get the bone and the tissues around it to work for your needs. But when you have invisalign, everything would be done delicately sans pains and annoyance, so no more erroneous deals when you have to get them removed.


4. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you don’t have to use painful traditional braces anymore to align your teeth, say experts. These days there are invisible aligners that can be used, and they would help get the teeth straightened and sometimes even without braces. So bring the smile back to your life and no longer do you have to restrict yourself to the sadness of the times.


5. Who says Invisalign procedures are expensive? Insurance companies pay for it only if your premiums are high, but there are discounted dental plans that are pocket friendly and would allow your teeth to be aligned well.
It’s best to ask around before you get the work done on your teeth. Who else would be a better judge than your local dentist? If you’re too scared to go to your dentist for information, there are a lot of sites which will gladly enlighten you with the needed knowledge when it comes to Invisalign braces. When you learn more about the myths and facts of invisalign treatment and procedures, you would be better armed with information that would allow you to make the right decision.


This article is the brain child of Judith Jones, a healthcare professional. She shares beauty and health tips in her blogs. She feels exercising is the only natural way you can ensure that you remain fit and healthy.


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    Patt Hayes Heise

    The pain is “psychologically placed”? How can you make such a blanket statement? I have had two c-sections and several surgeries (gall bladder, hysterectomy, knees, etc.), and I am in my 60s. I can say that the pain from some of the Invisalign trays are worse than all of these. You either work for the Invisalign manufacturer or are being compensated by them. The studies show that 1/3 experience no discomfort and 1/2 experience mild discomfort. Do the math: that leaves 1/6 of us who are in agony.

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