Facing The Medical Dilemma: The Cold War Continues Between Choosing Blade Vs. Bladeless LASIK

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What to choose: Blade vs. Bladeless; if rumors are to be believed, this is the sole question plaguing the minds of the people these days. Given the present circumstances, the issues have become more like a cold war. There is one particular group that tilts in favor of bladeless surgery for vision correction, whereas, another group vocalize their approval in favor of the bladeless surgical procedure. Like it or not, the debate has definitely raised an inquisitive point. Let’s make a foray into the depth of this issue.


Exploring the Difference Between Blade vs. Bladeless:

There is surely a thin line of difference between the two popular procedures pertaining to vision correction- Blade LASIK vs. Bladeless or LASIK. Let’s delve deeper and explore the differences between the two.


The Blade Option

The first option represents the traditional method of LASIK.  In this particular method of vision correction, surgeons use a Microkeratome for all their eye related surgeries. Microkeratome happens to be a particularly small instrument which is heavily used for surgical processes as well as treatments related to vision correction only. This particular instrument of vision correction actually comes equipped with a disposable blade.

While working on the cornea, doctors choose to use this particular blade very carefully. The simple reason behind this is that prior to the advent of laser based technologies and techniques, eye surgeons used to put their trust in this particular instrument only. Microkeratome was thought to be pretty effective with respect to the issue of cutting down a hinged as well as thin flap that’s located near the cornea.


The Bladeless Option

Now let’s delve deeper into the nitty-gritty’s pertaining to the bladeless option or the latest avatar of LASIK technology. This particular option is increasingly becoming popular in the medical circles and it is gaining an enviable stature rapidly. The method was introduced in the year 1999 and it is still undergoing a lot of stages and changes as it slowly revels in the momentum of popularity. The most noticeable part of this particular technique was that unlike the previous version, it was not a blade based surgical process. On the contrary it was solely based on laser technology.


According to the experts in the medical field, this particular technique was good enough to trigger a positive solution when it comes to curbing long lasting troubles. It is really immaculate, if the views of the users are to be believed. Medical professionals of the present era consider this technique to be a more scientific as well as safe option for all those looking to get their vision corrected. To add to the popularity, bladeless LASIK has also been approved by the FDA which proves to be a feather in the cap.


The veterans of this field such as Dr Boxer, Dr Thompson as well as other erudite entities seem to be engulfed in a never ending war of words. However, the truth is that the procedure is gaining popularity and it has proved to be a safe haven for all those who want a quick solution for their vision problems.


This is a guest post by Jamie Kirk, an eye surgeon by profession and likes to blog in his free time. He recently visited The Atwal Eye Care, a Buffalo Eye Care Clinic as a part of his research on some of the best eye care clinics and was surprised by the patient support provided.



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