Best Foundation for Oily Skin

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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In most cases, it could be difficult to find the best foundation for oily skin because the majority of the matte finish ones will leave caked-on, overdone appearance that will make you want to change quickly to other products. Perhaps, the biggest problem that you will have with oily skin would be the fact that it can shine through the foundation. This is will cause you to get a caked-on foundation and powder in an effort to absorb the oil, which often results in an unnatural look that is stiff.

So, What is the best foundation for oily skin?

The T zone on the face will indicate if you have a greasy skin type. The chin, nose and forehead will often start to shine after you apply makeup. Nearly all women with shiny skin will opt for foundations with a matte finish because this is promoted as the best solution amongst traditional makeup. If you look beyond the conventional makeup, then you discover that the best foundation for oily skin would be present in airbrush technology.

At first, airbrush makeup was restricted to celebrities as well as their makeup artists, but they are now available to the average people. These are available as home kit versions that will help to bring the magic of immaculate makeup coverage as well as provide the best foundation for greasy skin.


One of the reasons why the airbrush foundation is considered the best is because of its matte finish, quick drying and zero caking components which no traditional makeup can offer. You can also enjoy the added benefit of hygienic application because only makeup and air will touch the skin without spreading oil on the face, whilst the problematic areas will be concealed and covered to bring out a shine-free and flawless appearance.

A few airbrush sets also include a finishing powder to ensure that the trouble spots remain shine-free all the time. You can apply the airbrush foundation in thin layers on the skin and this ensures that you will get breathable makeup protection which allows the skin to sweat without becoming shiny.


Some of the questions people will ask:

Are all airbrush foundations regarded as the best for oily skin?

You can find different airbrush foundation brands, so it is best to select one that will give a matte finish amongst other benefits.

Is airbrush foundation only effective for oily skin?

Absolutely not, as all skin types can benefit from airbrush makeup applicators. It has a weightless finish that will complement any skin type, which makes it the best foundation for oily skin and any other skin types.


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