Exercise Tips to Keep You on Track Everyday

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Exercise is one of those things many people know they should be doing but don’t tend to make the time for. It just doesn’t sound appealing, even just hearing the word. If you are stuck in a situation where you want to be healthier but can’t seem to keep up with your workout routine, then these tips should help to get you back on track.


Find a Workout Partner

A great way to keep yourself motivated and feeling as though you want to stick to anything is to bring a buddy along. This is going to make the exercise much more exciting. You can compete with each other or talk throughout the whole process so you aren’t feeling as bored. Do your best not to look at the clock because all this is going to do is slow down time and drag things out.


Set Specific and Reachable Goals and Celebrate Little Victories

Before you begin a new exercise regimen, you should take a moment to consider what your goals are. Why are you choosing to work out? Are you doing it for yourself? For your family so you can be around longer? Maybe you want to get rid of your depression? Use that as motivation to write out specific goals. Now, in the beginning you want to start very small. We are creatures that thrive when rewarded, so start by saying you are going to work out two days in a row or work out today for 30 minutes without stopping; whatever you think you can do without a doubt. Go from there and reward yourself with something you enjoy when you are done.


Take Days Off and Remember to Reward Yourself

While working out regularly is great, so is taking time off. Take days during the week where you are allowed to just relax. Reward yourself by going to that movie you’ve wanted to see or indulging in a snack you normally avoid. It’s okay to ‘cheat’ once in a while. It’s good for you. You should never tell yourself you are not allowed to do something because this is going to make you want to do it that much more. Instead of saying you can’t ever eat cake, say you can only eat cake once a week if you complete a certain goal. This is going to help to keep you on the right track and motivated to hit your goals on time.


Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Lately, remember that you only live once. Don’t treat yourself like a soldier. Everyone slips up; everyone finds themselves not eating right when they should have reached for something healthier. Allow yourself a bit of wiggle room; especially in the beginning. Habits are hard to break so keep that in mind. Maybe you didn’t hit your goal for the day but maybe you can still hit your goal for the week. Never get too upset with yourself; you’re only human.

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