5 Hair Care Myths Debunked

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Taking inspiration from TV’s fabulous Myth Busters, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the biggest myths in hair care and find out if they are fact or fiction.


1. Grey Hairs

Myth: When you spot a grey hair in the mirror you should never pluck it out as 4 or 5 grey headed friends will pop up in its place.

Status: False

There is no truth in this myth, although it is bad practice to pluck out any of the hairs on your head as it can cause damage to the root.


2. Hair Colour

Myth: You shouldn’t colour your hair too much as it regular colouring will cause damage to your hair.

Status: True and false

There is a bit of truth in this as chemical servicing (particularly bleaching) can damage hair, but this is really where the expertise of your stylist should come in. Certainly they should advise you whether you should go for a full chemical service or not.

There are however many modern colour products, such as organic colour and semi-permanent, which are much kinder to your hair and indeed lots of colours now include ingredients which will actually improve the condition of your hair.

After care is important and you should always use a good shampoo and condition to replenish lost moisture after a colour service.

So, a bit of truth in it, but only if you don’t listen to your stylist or don’t use proper products after colouring.


3. Split Ends

Myth: Split ends can be fixed with special products.

Status: Absolutely false!

Unfortunately there is no way to fix split ends and the only way to get rid of them is to snip them off. If you suffer badly from split ends there are products which will help to smooth them down between salon visits and make them less noticeable, but this is only a temporary solution and eventually they will have to be chopped off.


4. Brushing Your Hair

Myth: Regular brushing will improve the condition of your hair.

Status: False

Brushing hair can weaken the strands and pull at the root, so you should only brush when styling or blow drying.


5. Fine Hair Is Impossible To Style

Myth: Flat, limp hair is, well… flat and limp and there is no way to style it properly and add volume.

Status: False

When you use high quality styling products, fine hair can be styled just as well as normal, or thick hair. One neat trick is to blast the hair with dry shampoo, which will help to add texture and keep your style in place.

So, that’s the lowdown on some of the biggest myths in hair care. Do you agree with my findings?


This article was written by Sally MacDonald from ghdCompare – a price comparison and review site for ghd stylers and hair dryers. You can follow Sally on Twitter @ghdcompareuk



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