Go On You Know You Want To Pamper Yourself – Five Extremely Popular & Sought After Beauty Treatments

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Visiting a beauty salon and pampering yourself is no longer seen as a luxury, but rather a necessity. There are literally millions of dollars spent on the beauty industry on an annual basis and there is no sign it’s going to slow down. Gone are the days of simply getting your nails or hair done (although you still can do so if you wish), we now have many weird and wonderful treatments, which are openly available at most beauty salons. With that being said, there are equally as many cosmetic beauty treatments that can be administered by doctors and other qualified personnel.



No doubt many people view Botox as a waste of money, potentially dangerous, and an extremely painful treatment to put themselves through. Whilst this may be true, Botox is a huge industry in itself and many people enjoy going through the hardship of trying to look a lot younger and more beautiful. However, if you want to try Botox for yourself be sure to have plenty of money and do your research to determine exactly what is involved and also to find a reputable practitioner.



Ouch! You scream… waxing (for both men and women) has become extremely popular in the modern day and age. However, these delicate procedures now extend to any manner of body parts, including your eyebrows and even your knuckles. Many beauty parlors now specialize in waxing treatments, although you do have the opportunity to complete certain treatments in the comfort of your own home.



It must be said that the vast majority of women put their feet through pure hell in the name of “great shoes”, although to be honest many of the heels you see nowadays could have quite easily doubled-up as contraptions of torture back in the ‘olden days. This is probably a great reason to get a pedicure, as you can allow your feet to be treated to a little slice of heaven, whilst ensuring they still look stunningly pretty.



Most beauty salons will have an expert massager on their books and with good cause. There’s probably nothing better to help you unwind after a long and stressful day than feeling someone’s healing hands gently kneading away at your body. Massages are available practically everywhere nowadays, and this once again is a little treat that either sex can enjoy. This is the ideal way to release all that pent up tension from your body and you’re bound to feel absolutely amazing afterwards.



Tanning is likely to be the most popular beauty treatment nowadays. No-one particularly wants to look pale, gaunt and potentially ill-looking and a few minutes on a tanning bed can help to revitalize you. However, if you happen to use tanning beds incorrectly you could actually be doing your body and health far more damage than you should be. Over use of tanning beds can lead to some pretty serious skin damage and there are even those who would say they have a tanning addiction. You also have the choice of sprays, rubs and creams, but just make sure you don’t overdo, as the orange look is “so last year”!


The author of this post, Jamie Long, is a part of the team at Kiki’s Salon Chateau, a beauty salon in Exton. He has a lot of experience in the field of cosmetics and through his blog posts he likes to advise people on various beauty related topics.



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