Frequently Asked Questions About The HCG Injection Diet

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On the surface, the HCG injection diet seems pretty simple.  It features two key components – a low calorie diet and regular HCG injections.

Just because it is simple doesn’t mean you don’t have questions!  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the HCG injection diet.


Can Men Take HCG?

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone.  While levels spike during pregnancy, the hormone is still present in both non-pregnant women and men.

Actually, compared to women, men often see faster and more significant weight loss results when using HCG injections.

It should be noted that young boys can sometimes prematurely enter puberty if they are using HCG injections.  If you observe typical puberty changes earlier than anticipated, talk to your doctor.


Doesn’t This Low Calorie Diet Have a Negative Effect on my Metabolism?

Usually, low calorie diets tend to slow down the metabolism.  If you aren’t eating as many calories and fat, the body doesn’t need to work as hard.

While low calorie consumption is one part of the diet, you mustn’t forget the second part – the HCG injections.  HCG mobilizes the body’s stored fat.  Therefore, the metabolism is working just as fast (or faster!) during the HCG diet.


Why do I Need the HCG Diet?  Can’t I Just Cut Calories and Lose Weight on my Own?

Reducing calorie consumption and exercise is definitely a valid way to lose weight.  However, as we stated in the previous point, low calorie consumption without HCG can impact the metabolism long term.  In fact, this weight loss method can actually make it easier to gain weight in the future.  When simply participating in a low calorie diet without the HCG, you will begin to lose muscle before fat.


Five Hundred Calories Isn’t Very Much; Won’t I Get Hungry?

Some dieters report feeling mild hunger pangs during the first few days.  However, those feelings will soon pass.  By the second week, dieters usually feel totally satisfied with the calorie restrictions and meals.

Some dieters choose to drink lots of green tea during the diet.  This natural appetite suppressant helps keep hunger pangs at bay and boost energy levels at the same time.


Will HCG Interfere With my Current Medications?

No, your HCG injections will not affect the medications you are currently taking – not even your birth control.


Can I use HCG Injections While Pregnant?

No, do not take HCG if you are pregnant.  If you become pregnant during the diet, talk to your doctor right away.


How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The amount of weight lost varies from person to person.  Generally speaking, dieters lose about 7 to 10 pounds during the first week and average 25-35 pounds during a 40-day program.


If I’m not Hungry, Can I Skip a Meal?  Will That Make the Weight Loss Happen Faster?

While taking HCG, it is very important to eat all 500-calories.  Do not skip meals.  And always eat a protein when instructed.  This will help ensure you are burning fat, not muscle.


Can I Still Go to the Gym and Exercise During the HCG Injection Diet?

When eating a super low calorie diet, it is important not to overdo it.  Exercise burns calories – and you don’t have many to lose!  The more you exercise, the more calories you will burn, the hungrier you will feel.  Combining a low calorie diet and exercise could put you into a dangerous starvation mode.

If you feel you absolutely must do something, try taking a slow, 20-minute walk.  Or, do a few sit-ups or pushups.

The HCG diet is one of the simpler weight loss plans available, but that doesn’t mean you can blindly leap into the unknown!  Make sure you discuss all your questions with your doctor before starting the HCG injection diet.


Guest author Megan Smith is a health and fitness writer.  She regularly shares her thoughts about the HCG injection diet on various health sites across the internet.  If you would like to read more of her work, check out the article she wrote about the HCG injection diet at eHCGinjections.  



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