Metal Fillings Vs. White Fillings: Which Filling Is Healthier And More Appealing?

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A common leading dental problem these days is tooth decay and this is caused by the bacteria and saliva inside the mouth that breaks down food. While the presence of bacteria can lead to gum diseases, it can also cause tooth decay. Tooth decay then allows cavities to be formed on the teeth as the infection can damage the health structures of the teeth and gums. Depending on the sensitivity experienced on the damaged teeth structures, the decay can spread and eat away on healthy teeth or it can be stopped by having fillings made. In the past, amalgam was used to fill in damaged teeth, but today white fillings are used to give teeth a more natural and pleasing appearance.


Dental Fillings Of The Past

Standard fillings had been made from amalgam that is a silvery grey material known to be one of the strongest and long lasting materials used in fillings. However, recent studies indicate that amalgam fillings are not considered to be healthy due to the mercury content being released in the mouth while eating. Aside from the mercury content, there are other reasons why white fillings are highly preferred these days.

Reasons why amalgam fillings are no longer popular :

  • They are unattractive and they can stain teeth.
  • They do not bond well with teeth and they can not be used to restore teeth properly.
  • They can expand and contract repeatedly causing teeth to crack and break.
  • The gaps between fillings and teeth are home to bacteria causing more decay.
  • Micro leakage can not be easily seen because of the amalgam staining.
  • They do not have wear resistance.


The Dental Fillings Of Today

Metal fillings or amalgam fillings are no longer popular and they have been replaced by metal free fillings or white fillings which are highly preferred by both dentists and patients. Moreover, they are healthier and they are more attractive as they look like a part of the teeth.


Other reasons why white fillings are preferred over amalgam are:

White fillings are colored to look exactly like the natural teeth of a person, which makes them aesthetically pleasing. The composite resin color matches the color of natural teeth so they can be placed on any teeth that need to be fixed.

Since amalgam fillings have mercury content, studies indicate the potential risk of mercury poisoning. This is because the mercury content has been studied to leak over a certain period whenever eating.

White fillings are easier to use and requires less preparation compared to the traditional fillings which save time, effort and overall costs.

As a thermal conductor heat sensitivity can be expected from metal fillings which can become very uncomfortable. White fillings on the other hand are healthier and it does not inflict heat sensitivity. This is because the materials of the white filling are resilient, thus eliminating discomfort while withstanding high temperatures.

Sadly, amalgam corrodes and stains teeth and affects the adjacent soft tissue over time. When you have white fillings, you will not have to experience this problem as white fillings do not stain even if there is a possibility of discoloration on the filling after some time, but the teeth are unaffected.


Valerie Trent is a freelance writer specializing in dental health. She blogs about the importance of dental hygiene and the benefits of Lamb Family Dental white fillings compared to traditional fillings.



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