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Getting fit and staying that way is hard enough, but sometimes actually going to the gym is enough to tire you out! You have to look around for a parking space, avoid getting soaked by the rain, and only to find out that all of the machines are in use! Imagine having your very own private gym in the comfort of your home. There would be no embarrassing scenes when you are in the changing rooms, and no posers flexing their muscles as they stare in the mirror. Here we look at the reasons why you should install your very own private home gym.


Good Points

The reasons why home gyms are established are varied and many but they are usually a combination of convenience and a lack of desire to mix with other sweaty folk. The real benefits of having your own personal gym are as follows:

You can save so much time – If you have a small window of time, you do not have to rush halfway across time at a breakneck speed just to spend ten minutes on a treadmill. And when you get to the gym, all of your machines will be available and waiting for your attention. The stress associate with hurrying about to finish in time for your lunch break limits will be a distant memory.


Saves money – Gym costs can be horrific and you never know when they may increase. Once you have splashed out on your gear, there will be no more nasty surprises. And if you ever have enough, you can get a good price back for the equipment whenever you want.

Privacy – You will be surprised how much more you enjoy training without worrying about that smelly bloke on the next machine, or that annoying attendant who keeps chatting you up.


Bad Points

Nothing is perfect and home gym training is no exception, here are the bad bits:


Space Issues – You will need a considerably large area if you are to host a decently equipped gym. Even three pieces of equipment will fill a medium sized room.

Self-Control – You may start to take it a bit too easy when there is nobody to tell you to get a move on. Some days you may just feel like giving it a miss and watching the box instead.

Safety Issues – There is always the possibility of an accident if you are training heavily. If you have an accident remember to have your mobile phone ready to hand.



Before you install your heavy machines, you should ensure that your floor is up to scratch. Think about the following as a decent surface:

Plywood – Lay down about three layers of plywood and think about a heavy carpet feature on top. This will protect the floor and stop the excess noise from escaping.

Rubber matting – You can source these from your martial arts shop and get enough to cover the whole room. At the very least you should have some where the free weights are used.


When not obsessing over working out, Ryon Williams likes to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of health and fitness. Recently, he has been very keen on writing about the advantages of treadmills and having a personal gym in the house.



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