Five Things You Can do to Build Muscle Faster

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I know what I’m putting on my Christmas list: more muscle. It’s not like I’m low on muscle here, I’ve certainly got some going on, but in my eyes you can never have too much beef which is why I’m hoping for a merry Christmas this year.

Unfortunately I don’t think Santa really deals in magic protein shake though, which is why I’m fully aware that I’ll have to put the extra time and work in myself if I really want to start packing on extra weight. That’s why I’ve created a brand new workout regime for myself to stick to this year, and it’s why I’m also adding some other things to my routine. It’s not just about lifting weights you see, it’s about fixing your whole lifestyle and making lots of changes to nurture those muscles and give them time to grow. Here are five of the best things you can do for your muscles – you might not necessarily be doing already – that I’ve added to my own new routine.


Get More Sleep

Getting more sleep is good for loads of things, and your muscles are included here. Your muscles grow best you see when you are in what is known as an ‘anabolic state’ which means your body is in a state where it favours building muscle mass over burning fuels for energy. When we sleep we are in just such a state and if you have enough protein in your system then this is when your muscles will actually grow.

Furthermore though, getting enough sleep is also crucial for your energy levels and it’s one of the most important ways to make sure you’re not too lethargic to train. Get into a good routine, make sure you’re the right temperature, and you should notice a change in your body and in your general health.


Eat More Fruit and Veg

A bodybuilder’s diet too often focusses on just the protein they need which is a shame considering how useful it is to get lots of vitamins and minerals for energy (thank you vitamin C, B complex and iron) as well as for muscle strength (thank you potassium and calcium).


Get Regular Massages

It sounds indulgent, but getting a regular massage can do wonders for your muscle. Again it’s good for energy levels of course and mental focus, but at the same time it will also help to encourage blood flow to your muscles thus delivering all the essential nutrients etc. and it will help to remove any knots or other potential problems that could otherwise lead to injury.


Join the Right Gym

Joining a gym is important, but joining the right gym is even more crucial. And what do I mean by the ‘right’ one? I mean the one that you’re actually likely to use – the one that’s nearest, the one where you can pick up towels at the door and the one that isn’t always completely packed.


Go Running

Going running on top of your regular training routine will not only improve your definition by cutting away unwanted fat, but it will also trigger the production of growth hormone in your body leading to more anabolic states, and it will improve your energy levels in the gym meaning you’re less often out of breath.

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    I like that you focused on sleep. This has helped my routine tremendously.

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