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Tiredness can affect us all, but it might be for a number of reasons. Many people attribute feeling tired to simply not having had enough sleep, but there are actually a number of probably causes. If you’ve just got in from a busy day at work, it’s easy to see that as a reason for your tiredness. Not only might this not actually be the case, but there are also some changes you might be able to make in order to improve your energy levels and keep feeling fresh throughout the day.


Not getting the right amount of sleep

Obviously, the number one reason for tiredness is getting the incorrect amount of sleep. Early starts are a necessity for many jobs, and with so much to do in the evening it can be hard getting the early night your body requires. If you need to get up at 7am for work, it might be best to try and get to sleep before 11pm, but this can be very difficult for lots of people. A good 8 hours sleep is recommended by many doctors, but you’d be surprised how many people try and get by with as little as 5. You might think you’re managing well but after a few days the lack of sleep can really start affecting you.

Conversely, you can actually make yourself feel more tired because you’re getting TOO MUCH sleep. It might not make sense on the face of things, but getting into a pattern of over-sleeping can convince your body that you need more, making it difficult on those occasions when you try and get up early. The amount of sleep you need varies depending on age, health and a number of other factors. What makes a good night’s sleep for one person doesn’t necessarily equal one for someone else.


Waking up at the right time

How you wake up is also important. While 8 hours sleep might seem great, it’s simply not realistic for many people. For those who need to get up after less sleep, you should also pay close attention to how and why you are waking up. Being woken from a deep sleep feels rough and is not the optimum way to get up freshly. A natural and gradual awakening from a light sleep can leave you feeling much fresher, even if you’ve had a few hours less of actual sleep.


Eating the wrong foods

Many people are unaware that diet plays a crucial role in keepingĀ  people awake. Obviously, food provides energy, but eating the wrong types of food can actually make you feel lethargic and sleepy. Often, a diet of overly fatty processed and stodgy foods can bring energy levels down. A healthy diet of fruit and other natural foods can help increase your energy levels and give you a new lease of life.


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