5 Ways to Get Up When You Are Down!

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Life is neither a box of chocolates, nor a bed of roses. It can be beautiful but it can also be a struggle. Sometimes it can just be downright depressing. The most important thing to remember about all of this is that everybody feels the same, no matter how it seems to you. You are not alone, and it is ok to feel down sometimes. But of course it is better to feel happy and full of life. Here are a few tips on what you can do when you’ve got the blues.


Phone a Friend

One of the biggest mistakes we make when we are down is that our problems are only our own and that nobody will want to listen to them. On this you are completely wrong. A friend in need really is a friend indeed. Calling a friend not only gives you the opportunity to talk out loud about some of the things that have been bothering you, but it also gives your friend the opportunity to tell you about anything that might also be bothering them. You’ll be amazed how far a little honesty about how we are feeling can go to strengthening relationships while pulling you out of your slump at the same time.


Go for a Run

Sometimes that black mood is just too much for you to be able to share it with somebody else. That’s ok, but it is important that you don’t brood over your unhappiness. A good run not only gets you out of the house, but it gets the juices flowing through your body and the brain can start to release more serotonin, giving you a natural high! Running alone also allows you to go over things from the privacy of your thoughts, which seem to order themselves more clearly when you are out there in the open air.


Get Away

A week in the Bahamas might be beyond most budgets, but getting away just means moving away from what you are surrounded by day in, day out. A little break, even if only for the day, can work wonders and allow you to see the world with new eyes. Of course an immaculate beach with crystal clear sea will probably beat a day trip to Skegness, but you never what wonders are waiting even in the most unlikeliest of places.


Watch a Sad Film

This might not sound like ideal advice, but it works. A good old cry can do wonders for you every now and again. Crying lets you release all of the pent up frustrations that you have been going inside. It’s not something that you should make a habit of but the catharsis it gives every now and again is definitely something that can help you get up and back on your feet. More often than not, when you have a good cry, you end up laughing as the thing that made you feel so down can suddenly come to appear pretty silly and hilarious!


Read a Book

Sitting down with a good book is a great way to switch off from the real world for a little while. The book doesn’t need to be a comedy, or anything light, but something about yourself that you had forgotten and which h will then give you the strength to stand up and move forward. Right-Ho, Jeeves by P.G Wodehouse has recently been voted the funniest of all time, though, if all you really want to do is have a good laugh! something that perhaps you once considered your favourite book, or one that reminds you a certain time in your life. The act of reading will perhaps remind you of


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