Ten Symptoms of Pregnancy

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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 Pregnancy and Its 10 Common Symptoms

Pregnancy can be the most wonderful time in a woman’s life, right after conception till the time the baby is delivered is what we understand pregnancy is all about.  For a human baby gestational period lasts for nearly 38 weeks, during which the baby develops, grows in weight and size. Sometime a woman is taken by surprise when she realizes that she is pregnant since that is the last thing she expects to happen. Being pregnant can mean entire shift of focus in order prepare yourself and your partner to welcome the new born into this world. If someone is unaware of her pregnant it can cause lot of chaos, and confusion. To avoid all this disarray and to empower you with early detection tips we have the following symptoms listed below which can help you in early detection of pregnancy.

Ten Symptoms of Pregnancy

  1.  Missing period- One of the most conspicuous symptoms of pregnancy is missing of the period. Although there can be many other reasons due to which someone  can miss a period which can be stress, hormonal imbalance,  reaction to a medication, or illness. So missing period does not necessarily suggest that you are pregnant but if you have conceived then you are most likely to miss them.
  2.  Spotting- Spotting is noticed when the embryo gets implanted in the uterus. Often spotting is confused with normal cycle especially if you do not keep track of your cycle, although the difference is quite clear. Spotting is pink or brown in colored discharge which lasts for one or two days as compared to regular period which lasts for a good 4-5 days, or more.
  3.  Nausea or morning sickness as it is often referred as, includes increased sensitivity to smell, and repulsion towards certain food items containing spices such as onion or garlic which has a strong odor. Morning sickness also includes feeling unwell and tired in the early hours of morning.
  4. Vomiting- Early months of pregnancy is marred by violent bouts of vomiting which can be triggered by smell of food items or chemicals, or maybe a perfume.
  5. Tender Breasts and Darker Areolas- As the body prepares for the baby to arrive, one can notice some striking physical changes happening. You might notice that your breasts feel tender and bigger, the area around the nipples called areolas may appear darker, all these indicate towards hormonal changes associated with pregnancy.
  6. Frequent urination– Although frequent urination is more prevalent during the last few months of the pregnancy more towards the end of the full term, nonetheless women often experience recurrent urge to urinate during early days as well.
  7.  Abdominal bloating- Women often feel that they have gained few extra pounds around the waist much before the uterus actually starts to expand.
  8.  Elevated Basal Body Temperature- Pregnant women always experience high basal body temperature, if the basal body temperature is recorded, one can notice the change.
  9. Cramps and fatigue- General feeling of tiredness and body ache are other common symptoms associated with pregnancy.
  10. A positive pregnancy detection test- Finally a positive home pregnancy test can confirm that you are on the family way.


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