Top Tips To Achieve Total Body Confidence – It’s Within Your Grasp!

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We all struggle with our confidence, and never more so than when we are worrying about our body. Let’s face it, there are things we would all like to change, but it’s time to accept that we are stuck with the bodies that we have got! Instead of dreaming about the body that you really want, spend your time thinking about how you can make the most of the one you have. There are always things we can all do to improve our looks and therefore build our confidence, and we are going to suggest some good places to start here:


Dress for Your Shape

You may well dream of wearing a thigh-skimming miniskirt, but if you don’t have the legs for it then forget this idea straight away! Spend your energies making the most of your good bits, and hiding the bad bits! There are so many tips for dressing every different body shape online, so start doing some reading. Experiment with different styles, and take a friend shopping with you (one that you know will be honest!). Look at other women and see how they dress for their shape. Stop looking at models for inspiration; it will only make you feel inadequate. The real inspiration should be the normal women on the high street, so grab a coffee in a local café and watch the world go by for a bit.


Don’t Be Scared of a Little Intervention

Some people rule out the idea of cosmetic surgery without even thinking about it. They may think it is too expensive, or too self-indulgent. But the truth is that we could all benefit from a little Botox here, and a little nip and tuck there. If there is something that you have always hated about yourself, for example your nose or your tummy, then speak to a cosmetic surgeon and ask them how easy it would be to fix. There are all sorts of procedures available these days, and not all of them are surgical either. So forget all those ideas about scary operations – find out the facts and then decide whether it could be something for you.


Hair & Makeup

Lots of women would happily spend a lot of money on a whole new outfit but neglect to invest in their hair and makeup. Spend some time and money making sure your hair looks as great as it possibly can, and maybe think about getting some lessons on how to apply makeup. You will be taught which colors suit your skin tone, and what sort of makeup is right for your age. While you’re at it, get a manicure and pedicure for the ultimate groomed look.


A Little Waxing Here and There Never Hurt Anyone…

Some people avoid waxing because it sounds too painful, but the truth is there is very little pain involved. Rather than battling with razors and tweezers, get your armpit hair, your eyebrows, your leg hair, and any other areas you want waxed. It’ll last a lot longer and you will feel much more confident in your looks.


Mark Jones is a father of two and he works as a fitness trainer. He is associated with Khattab Inc. which specializes in diagnosing and treating medical conditions in Elk Grove. Log on to to know more about his work.



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