Five Early Symptoms of Brain Tumor

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Some early symptoms of a brain tumor can be attributed to other factors. This makes it easy for many to not take seriously early signs of a problem. When individuals suffer headaches or are sick to the stomach, their first thought isn’t, “I may have a brain tumor.”

More likely, they will think the problem stems from one bug or another that will soon go away. It isn’t until symptoms become prominent and interfere with daily life that many realize something serious is wrong and see a doctor. By that time, treatment needs to be much more aggressive and may be less effective.

Early diagnosis and treatment lead to the best outcomes. Knowing early symptoms of a brain tumor can help save lives.


An early sign of a brain tumor are headaches. Everyone has headaches at one time or another due to illness, lack of sleep, eye strain or something else entirely. Unless the headache completely incapacitates, most take a pill and ignore. However, headaches, especially if they continue and grow worse in length and intensity, signal a serious problem and may indicate a brain tumor. Add in a problem with concentration and dizziness and red flags go up for a possible brain tumor. When these symptoms are most intense in the morning, another red flag should go up.

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Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea may indicate flu as does vomiting. However these symptoms, especially when accompanied by problems with an eating disorder, may have more serious implications. These symptoms may be caused by pressure of the growing tumor on the brain. Flu symptoms disappear in a day or a week. If they are caused by a brain tumor the symptoms will continue and may increase in intensity.


Seizures are one of the initial, and more obvious, signs of a brain tumor. The growing tumor damages surrounding brain tissue and interferes with normal electrical processes of the brain. This leads to bursts of activity that results in seizures. This may include convulsions and difficulties with speech.


Physical problems are early symptoms of a brain tumor. This may include loss of feeling in different parts of the body that may, at least at first, be temporary. When parts of the body refuse to respond and move on command, a brain tumor may be the problem. Loss of feeling and inability to move should be cause for a trip to the doctor.


Personality changes can be an early sign of a brain tumor. Personality changes will take different forms depending upon the area of the brain in which the tumor is growing. Personality changes may include depression, odd mood swings,and memory lapses. Personality changes may also include forgetfulness, anxiety and confusion.

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