How to Reduce your Sugar Intake

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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As with many dieting efforts, it can be increasingly challenging to reduce your sugar intake. With so many fast-food takeaway options now available to consumers, it can be easy to take the convenient way out. While convenience is often a factor, there are a number of healthy alternatives available, which are much more cost effective and better for you. Next time you’re cooking or grocery shopping, consider these alternatives to sugar, you’ll be surprised what a big difference a small change can make.

Eat Fruit

Fruit is a great source of nutrition, providing necessary fibre and a natural sweetness for the palate – perfect for reducing sugar cravings. While fruits do contain natural sugar, it is a much better alternative than its processed counterpart. Your healthy lifestyle will benefit greatly if you simply swap that chocolate bar for a punnet of strawberries. You will still be enjoying a sweet flavour, but you will also be eliminating sugar cravings with a healthy food choice that is much more filling.

Use a Natural Sweetener

Stevia as - widely - sold in health food store...

Stevia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are trying to reduce your sugar intake, but are still getting those hard to ignore cravings, consider replacing your sugar with a natural sweetener. Quality natural sweeteners can contain a huge 95% fewer calories than those found in sugar. Unlike artificial sweeteners, natural sweeteners don’t contain nasty additives and chemicals, making them a healthy alternative to sugar. Stevia Australia stocks a huge range of natural sweetening products, many of which are suitable for replacement of sugar in foods, drinks, cooking and baking. Stevia is a plant which is most commonly harvested for its sweet leaves. The taste of stevia is the closest imitation of sugar – without the sugar! Offering consumers dietary fibre, as well as a healthy alternative to sugar, it is easy to see why many families are making the change to natural sweeteners. Stevia is also 100% free of carbohydrates, meaning its products generally offer a great range of health benefits.

Drink Water

While water may be the solution for dehydration, it is always a great tool for weight loss and an overall healthier diet. In many cases when people are eating because they are ‘hungry’, they are actually just thirsty. Intense thirst can trick your body into thinking that it is hungry, so instead of reaching for that packet of chips, reach for a glass of water next time. Drinking water also helps to banish toxins from your body, many of which are found in sugary, processed foods.

Reducing you sugar intake can assist in creating a healthy and happy lifestyle, helping to lessen your chances of having diabetes, heart disease or weight problems later in life. Whether you’re looking for a few simple steps to kick-start your new health regime or want a complete overhaul, it’s time to take a step in the right direction.

Tony is a Health and Nutrition expert from Brisbane, Australia. He recommends natural sweeteners to all of his clients and says that while stevia in Australia is still relatively unknown, more and more people are starting to see its benefits instead of using artificial or high sugar sweeteners.


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