5 Tips To Look And Feel Your Best Everyday

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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You can fill your closet with expensive clothes and become a regular at the cosmetics counter, but to truly look and feel your best, you must ensure your body is getting what it needs both inside and out. To not only look attractive, but to also feel like tackling your day confidently, you should follow these simple tips that have helped countless women feel beautiful and find success.


Get enough sleep

The importance of adequate sleep can’t be stressed enough. Not only will a good nights’ sleep help you get off on the right foot in the morning, but you’ll be able to think clearer and have more energy throughout the day. Find ways to help you sleep – sleep in a second bedroom if your husband’s snoring keeps you up. Take a hot bath to relax before turning in. If all else fails, try a natural sleep aid.


Don’t skip breakfast

There’s logic behind the saying “breakfast if the most important meal of the day.” If you make it a habit to eat breakfast, you’ll find you concentrate better during the day, feel less tired and maintain a healthy weight. In the morning, your body has been without food for at least seven or eight hours and longer for many people. It’s vital that you supply your body with a nutritious meal as soon as possible. Breakfast restores proper blood glucose levels which get out of whack when you don’t eat for several hours. When your blood glucose is skewed, you’ll feel tired and won’t concentrate as well. And, by giving your metabolism a boost first thing in the morning, you’ll be less likely to binge eat in the afternoon.


Moisturize Your Skin

Many women try to hide their aging skin behind makeup. While cosmetics may help you to feel more confident about your appearance, they won’t turn back the clock. Use an age-defying moisturizer to enhance your looks. Rider Cosmetics’ Hyaluronic Moisturizer helps to restore your skin’s moisture and improve cell growth. You’ll be left with younger-looking, radiant skin that’s free of wrinkles! Learn more about Hyaluronic Moisturizer at www.ridercosmetics.com.


Wear Lip Gloss

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before you leave the house, make sure your favorite lip gloss is in your purse. Lip gloss will help your lips stay hydrated and look their best. Not only will lip gloss give you a pretty smile, but many formulas contain sunscreen which will prevent sun damage to your delicate lips. The sun’s effects will make you look old before your time since it causes wrinkles and fine lines.


Exercise in the Morning

Before you shower in the morning, run on the treadmill, take a brisk walk or work out at a gym. It seems like a lot to get done before heading out the door, but getting even 15 or 20 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning will get your metabolism working and your heart pumping. You’ll actually have more energy for the day ahead and will burn some calories in the process. Over time, you’ll find this routine will help you stay in shape and maintain a trim figure.

Looking and feeling your best everyday may seem like a challenge for busy, stressed women of today. But these strategies will guide you to a fulfilling, satisfying routine.


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