Different HCG Weight Loss Products

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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If you are planning to undergo the HCG weight loss program, chances are, you are a bit confused with so many HCG products in the market. You might find it hard to choose among several forms of HCG, not to mention several hundreds of brands. Choosing the right form of HCG that you will use on your HCG weight loss program is very crucial. Different forms vary in their purity and potency. Also, each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you need to make sure that you are using the HCG form best suited for your needs.

The most primitive form of HCG is the injection form. It is the same form used by Dr. A.T.W Simeon when he discovered that HCG can be effectively for weight loss. Injection form of HCG is of the purest kind and thus, is most potent. However, injection form is regulated by FDA as a prescription-only drug. Therefore, you need to get a prescription of it from a physician before you can take it. Physicians are also the ones who administer the injection. The great advantage of this form is its high level of potency. It is also readily absorbed into the bloodstream since it is administered intravenously. As for the disadvantages, injection form is costly, painful and can lead to muscle cramps if administered on the same area again and again.

Another form of HCG weight loss product is the spray form. It is basically the same composition with the sublingual drops. However, instead of administering it by drops, it is contained in a spray container. One great advantage of using oral HCG sprays is being able to avoid contamination of the product by your mouth. It comes in a handy bottle and you can use it while travelling. On the downside, oral HCG sprays can be accidentally sprayed on your nose and eyes leading to irritation. Also, you cannot fully control the amount contained in one spray so there is a chance for you to overdose.

There is also a pill form of HCG. However, this form is deemed to be the least popular because of its lowest potency rate. The percent purity of HCG contained in this form is very low compared to the other forms. One good thing about this form is that it comes in standard doses. Therefore, the risk for overdosing is lessened. Aside from its low purity, it may take some time before it reaches the bloodstream.

The most commonly used form of HCG solution is the homeopathic sublingual drops form. It is a diluted form of HCG that is mixed with other ingredients that improves the potency of the HCG. Sublingual drops are preferred by many because it is not painful to administer, it is less expensive than the injection form, it is readily available and can be purchased over the counter, it does not require special mixing job, you do not need a physician to administer it for you and it does not need to be refrigerated. However, due to the popularity of HCG sublingual drops, it is also most commonly faked form of HCG weight loss product. Before purchasing sublingual drops from any company, especially online, make sure that the manufacturer complies with the standards of FDA and is reputable.

HCG weight loss program is definitely a revolutionary diet regimen that can bring miracles to your life. If you are tired of being fat and you are ready to achieve that lean and sexy body you have always dream of, then find the HCG weight loss product for you now and start changing your life!



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