How to Get Rid of Body Acne? – Best Remedies for Body Acne

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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What is Body Acne?

All of us are well aware of what acne is and why it affects most of the teenagers and young adults, all across the world. The general view holds the hormonal and physiological changes responsible for its occurrence. Body acne is similar to facial acne or any acne which affects other parts of the body. The main reason why skin develops different kinds of acne, which includes black heads, white heads pustules or lesions, is clogging of skin pores. The sebaceous glands are found all over the body and is known tom produce oily secretion called sebum which travels through the skin pores to the exterior and makes the skin supple and oily. During the growing years of teenage and early adult hood the sebaceous glands are overactive due to hormonal fluctuation leading to excess sebum secretion which tends to accumulate inside the skin pores. As the clogged pore attracts bacterial growth the result is skin lesions which can affects any part of the body, most prominently face, neck, back, chest arms and bottom.

How to get rid Body acne?

Body acne mostly includes acne which appears anywhere in the body other than the face and fore heads. Since the skin of rest of the body is thicker and is uneven and has got more hair follicles compared to facial skin body acne are difficult to treat.

 Ways to treat body acne

  •  Human body is covered with millions of pores which release oily substance and other metabolic waste through them, the waste accumulated over the skin must be cleansed
    regularly so that bacterial growth can be kept under check. Regular bath with mild soap to remove dirt and perspiration is a must.
  • Wearing skin friendly fabrics such as cotton during hot and humid weather can help the skin breath. Use of harsh chemical based products must be avoided; using calamine before going to bed can be helpful in removing excess oil and can have soothing effect.
  •   Since of the acne which appears on the back and bottom can be particularly difficult to reach and can pose a serious health problem. Maintaining an overall hygiene can be beneficial. In case the acne refuses to go on its own then one should visit a dermatologist who can prescribe antibiotics or other medicine which can treat the condition effectively.
  • Other than prescribed medication one should take a serious note of one’s life style to figure out if any changes are need to be made. The skin is a reflection of overall heath and well being. A good diet and healthy life style can go a long way in preventing acne. Daily diet must include vegetables and fruits, one must drink lots of water detoxify and rehydrate the body.
    English: "Acne begins in pilosebaceous un...

    English: “Acne begins in pilosebaceous units, which consist of sebaceous glands and a single hair follicle. The sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Since the facial skin is much thinner and sensitive than rest of the body so any ointment which is effective against facial pimples might not work on the body acne. Using skin care products which removes dead skin and other waste products from the skin can be helpful.

No matter what type of acne one is dealing with, proper understanding of the cause can provide a solution as well. Patience and healthy life style can also help get over it.


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