Weight Loss, Medications and Calorie Shifting

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Medicines for effective weight loss should be used by those patients who have some health risks due to excessive weight. As dieting is harmful for serious patients so medicines are recommended by the doctors. But this should be decided after finding the index of body mass of the patient. As medication should be given to a person with BMI that is above 30. Likewise it can also be given to patients with diabetes and having a BMI of 27 or more than that. BMI is a relationship of weight and height, as every person should have a healthy weight according to the height, as both high and low figure of BMI can cause health problems.


But medications along with proper diet and exercise should be taken for effective weight loss.      You must follow the prescription given y your doctor. Similarly every drug should be taken for a certain time-period depending on its nature and side-effects. Phentermine should be taken for 12 weeks. Diethylpropion should also be taken for 12 weeks. Orlistat can be taken up to a year for adults. Drugs which are approved by Food and drug administration are meant to be for a short time. Bupropion which is an anti-depressant also causes weight reduction, and it can be taken for a year.


Medications which are used for Seizures also cause weight loss. But as no drug is safer than the natural diet, so you must emphasize to effective weight loss by calorie shifting. Some people eat less food, but still have more weight. This happens because of more calories. So the good news is that you can eat anything, which is low in calories and is healthy as well. So having less diet cannot cure obesity instead, you should shift the diet to low calories. This concept of shifting calories for weight loss, involves taking enough calories daily. Most of the time an ordinary person takes 2000 or 2500 calories a day, whereas he only needs 1600 calories per day. You can shift calories of 1600 to four meals of 400 calories. This sounds complicated, but if you know the calorie counts of the food you are taking then it can become easy for you.

So the good news is that you can eat whatever you like without crossing the limits. So if you are weight conscious, you should keep calorie chart in hand for proper guidance. Foods should be high with monosaturated fats which are also called good fats. Whereas bad fats or artificial fat should be avoided. Sources of good fats are fresh fruits, lean meats, whole grains, vegetables and berries. If you apply a principal of calorie shifting in your daily diet, it can help in effective weight reduction. You can get the chart from any doctor or, you can browse it through internet easily. But it is better that you ask your doctor for this purpose. Make a list of such recipes including ingredients which are low in calories. Try to avoid soft drinks as much as you can. Try to have nuts in certain amount, as it can give you lots of energy, and essential vitamins.



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