Weight Loss Through Natural Products

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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You can have effective weight loss if you follow natural diet along with exercise. Weight loss supplements have its side effects, besides it does not suit everyone. So if you take balanced diet Using fruits and vegetables, it will help you lose weight without affecting your health. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, which can help you, maintain your energy during weight loss process. The fruits which are recommended for weight loss are Bananas, citrus fruits,peach,pomegranate,melons,kiwi,strawberry,acai berry, apricot and grape fruits.


Effective weight loss through vegetables can be obtained by having spinach which is full of vitamin and folate. Broccoli is another vegetable rich in vitamin. Similarly cabbage is rich in vitamin A as well as fiber, whereas pepper, cucumber, tomatoes and green collard are rich in vitamin, which is greatly helpful in better function of our immune system. Another vegetable which is contains anti-oxidant agent a lot is egg plant, which also helps for a good immune system. Carrots, onions and mushrooms are also very effective during weight loss process, as these contain allicin and anthaxanthins, which helps maintain a healthy blood pressure levels.


This is also highly recommended by doctors to eat vegetables in steamed form, as otherwise many essential minerals are lost during heavy cooking procedure. Instead of putting a lot of oil, you should put a little quantity of olive oil. For effective weight loss you should have five servings of vegetables and fruits in a day including both raw and cooked vegetables. Taking fresh fruits in the breakfast is very healthy and it can keep you energetic whole day.


Similarly if you control your hunger and craving for sweets, you can further reduce weight. But this should be done with care by taking such foods which can keep you satisfied. So it’s better to take small meals in a day instead of taking a heavy full meal. You should take five meals a day in small quantities, including breakfast, snacks or fruits between lunch and breakfast lunch, snacks with evening tea and then dinner.



Also have lots of water in a day as it can help burn the fat in the body. But be careful to have water intake according to your body weight as if you do not do exercise regularly excess of water can cause puffiness of face. Similarly if you are having any disease in which less water should be taken, then consult your doctor. You should also sleep early as if you are awake for long, you will feel hungry. Similarly a good sleep can keep you fresh for a whole day, otherwise tiredness will force you to have more food including junk, etc.


You can prepare your own recopies from the fruits and vegetables mentioned above. As during dieting period you can feel a craving for food, so to avoid it, use only meals which are low in calories. Another very important advice is to always remain busy; as if you are free for long hours it can lead you to have more food. Being busy including healthy activities along with daily job, can keep you away from craving for food.



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