Fast Fixes To Help You Look Thinner For A Special Occasion

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If you have a major event coming up where you need to look your best, for example a wedding, party, ball or even a major job interview, you may not have time to adopt a healthier diet and exercise plan and slim down significantly in time. However, luckily there are a few things you can do that will make you look leaner and sleeker instantly (or after a short salon treatment), so it is still possibly to get a trimmer body and look and feel great for the occasion.


Here are some shortcuts to a thinner body (though they are a little temporary in some cases!) that you can use when you are just days away from a major event:


Control Underwear

If you are dealing with a real short notice situation, or you just want a quick fix to help you get into an outfit that is a little too small or clings to your less toned areas, then control underwear is the easiest solution. While it is completely temporary and won’t help you look any thinner when your outfit comes off, it can make your body look firmer, remove inches from problem areas like your hips, thighs and stomach, and can also give you a better shape in general, helping you look fantastic in tight fitting



The kind of underwear you need will depend on whether you need all over slimming or just want to focus on one area that you aren’t keen on, but good control underwear can be your best friend in a pinch. It is also available for both men and women and in all kinds of different cuts, sizes and colors to work with different types of clothes.


Slimming Salon Wraps

If you have a day or more to prepare for your big event and want to be thinner for it, then you can always book yourself in for a detox body wrap in a salon or at a spa. These will not make you lose any actual pounds, but work to tighten the layers of fat under your skin, making you firmer, taking inches off your body in many cases, and also reducing cellulite and improving the texture of your skin. These wraps can take a few hours to apply and develop but the results are instant and can be maintained permanently if you repeat the treatment every few weeks. The body contouring benefits can be quite impressive on some people, and the larger you are the more inches you tend to lose.


The treatments are suitable for both men and women and despite involving being wrapped up in tight bandages soaked in a detoxifying mud solution, are surprisingly comfortable and relaxing. While it can be tempting to go on a crash diet, this will leave your skin and hair looking tired and will also leave you in a less than stellar mood by the time you get to your event. It is therefore better to eat normal healthy food and opt for one of these fast ways to get a slimmer effect instead.


Today’s featured writer, Briana Joseph, works as an assistant at The Menkes Clinic, a leading dermatological institute in Mountain View, CA. She strives to offer the best services to her customers.



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