Why Swimming Is The Perfect Way To Tone Your Body

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If you are looking for a great way to get in shape that is also fun and invigorating, then there are few forms of exercise better than swimming. It is suitable for just about everyone, works all your major muscle groups and also provides a cardiovascular workout, making it one of the best all round exercise methods for getting consistent, steady results all over your body and in terms of your general fitness. Here are some of the reasons why swimming is such a great workout:


You Can Do It When Other Workouts Aren’t Suitable

If you have an injury or a weakness in your limbs, are pregnant, are very overweight or very unfit, swimming may still be something you can do when other forms of exercise are impossible or inadvisable. Swimming takes pressure off your joints meaning you can swim with certain leg injuries that may prevent you from jogging, running or playing certain sports. Also, because you weigh less in water, you can move more freely and comfortably even if you are very overweight, meaning it can be a good introduction to exercise if you need to lose a lot of weight.


It Works the Core As Well As Your Other Main Muscle Groups

When embarking on a new exercise regime, a lot of people focus on things like their biceps and quads, the very visible muscles they want to tone up. However, a good exercise program will also strengthen your core. The core is basically the muscles inside the torso, and having them strong and in balance improves your posture and can prevent all kinds of aches and pains. Swimming uses the core muscles to help you hold your position in the water as you use the arms and legs to move you forward, so it really is a very good all over toning workout. The natural resistance provided by the water will also help strengthen your muscles, though if you want to actually bulk up you will need to combine your swimming with a weight training program as the resistance isn’t enough to promote serious muscle growth. Swimming can easily be combined with most other exercise programs as it doesn’t overly fatigue muscles.


It Is Refreshing and Fun

If you hate doing cardio because of that hot, sweaty feeling, swimming can be a great way to work out your body and keep your heart fit without subjecting yourself to it. Slipping into a nice cool pool and swimming can be very refreshing and invigorating, and you come out feeling clean and fresh! Many public, gym and health club pools also have nice features you can enjoy like jacuzzis and steam rooms, giving you a nice treat to look forward to after your workout. Swimming is also a good activity to do with friends and family, and is something kids love, so if you are a busy parent looking for a way to incorporate fitness into your life, you can simply take the kids along with you, assuming this is appropriate at the place you go to to swim.


This post has been authored by Jake Tyler, a technician working at Aqua Right Pools, a swimming pool servicing company based in Connecticut. He is a hard worker and he enjoys spending time with his family when he isn’t busy working.



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