Paintballing For Kids Can Be Great Fun – But Keep Them Safe!

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When your kids start pestering you to take them paintballing, you can be sure that you are all in for an amazing day out! Paintballing brings the kid out in everyone – it’s packed with action, adventure and adrenaline, and all in a beautiful forest setting. As with everything, there are a few risks, so it is as well to make sure that you are doing all you can to keep your kids safe as they charge around the forest ambushing each other! Here are some tips on keeping paintballing safe as well as fun.



Always keep an eye on what is happening when everyone is paintballing. It can be tempting to sit back and have a coffee while they are all out having fun, but you should really be keeping a close eye on what is going on. Make sure that everyone is following the safety rules and that each child is wearing the correct level of safety gear. Watch how they are interacting and if it looks like one child is being picked on or they are struggling then you need to intervene. Make sure that there is always a safety marshal on duty and that everybody pays attention to the briefing before heading out.


Use the Right Equipment

Make sure that every child is suitably attired and that they are all using the right level of safety gear. They will need goggles that cover their whole head. Paintballs fly at an incredible rate, and if they were to hit someone in the eye they could easily cause blindness. Some paintball centers only offer eye protection but you should always ask for full head protection for each child. The impact from a paintball could cause all sorts of horrible injuries otherwise. Every child should also be wearing full combat suits that are padded at the knees and elbows. This will protect them should they fall over, and will also act as an extra layer of protection from the paintballs themselves. Paintballs can really sting and bruise if they hit the skin directly.


Body Armor

Many people choose to put their children in body armor suits which protect the whole torso from the impact of paintballs. This can make it a little harder to run and move about, but it will also provide the top level of protection. Anything you can do to protect their torso is a great idea.


Safety Rules

Make sure every child is well aware of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Children can get very excited and therefore carried away when they are paintballing but it’s important to make sure that they don’t get so excited that they forget to follow the safety rules. They should know that under no circumstances, ever, should they remove their eye and head protection gear when they are paintballing. Even a split second without the correct level of protection could have serious implications.


Paintballing is a thoroughly enjoyable pastime and many children go back again and again once they get a taste for it. Make sure they enjoy it while paying attention to their safety and they will find it a very valuable experience indeed.


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