5 Reasons Why You Might Need Physiotherapy

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Health is by far one of the most important aspects of our lives and probably the most neglected. Whether it is physical or mental, a lot of people lack awareness or would rather medicate themselves. One of the biggest reasons why people are so reluctant to visit a doctor or any other expert is the expensive healthcare system we have. Heath is interrelated to many other aspects of our lives and its neglect will not only cause worsening of the illnesses but also affect us financially and socially.
In cases of injuries and illness that seems so trivial, people tend to just pop a painkiller to make it go away. Sometimes, we fail to understand the long term effects and only seek instant remedy. For example, the backache that one might face every day might seem like nothing, till it gets worse. Some of these ailments can be treated with physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy or PT, and it is very important to know if we need it. Therefore, below are five reasons that will help you determine whether you need to see a physiotherapist.



With the kind of jobs most people are handling, which usually involves sitting for long hours, chances are that you are suffering from constant backaches. It is a very common ailment and most of us tend to ignore it. Although it might not be severe, with work demand and all, it is advisable to get it thoroughly checked with a physiotherapist.


Joint and Muscle Pain

Pain in the joint and muscles is another common ailment that most people face. Whether it is caused by an accident or not, physiotherapy will help you ease the pain and get your mobility back. Joint and muscle pain may include pain in body parts like hips, legs, arms and ribs, ankles, etc.


Sport/Dance Injury

If you are into physical activity such as sports and dance, there are higher chances of injuring yourself. Rather than depending on just drugs, it is advisable to try out physiotherapy as well. With the combination of manual treatments and physical exercises, the recovery will be much faster and you can get back out there much quicker.



Getting older isn’t easy. With the risk of getting diseases much higher and bones getting weaker, it is always better to get a regular check-up done. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common ailments in aged people, mainly caused due to degenerative joints. This results in restricted movement and muscular ache. Although physiotherapy will not reverse the wear and tear of the joint surfaces, it will improve its functions. Moreover, physiotherapists will be able to advise you on exercises and special diet as well.



Pregnancy is known to cause discomfort and back pain for the mother. Therefore, physiotherapy will be helpful in easing some of the pain. A lot of physiotherapy clinics offer special designed services for pregnant women. Services include gentle massages, cranial techniques, and advice on exercises and diet. It is sure to ease the pain a woman feels during pregnancy and help her in her mobility as well.
They say, “Prevention is better than cure”, and therefore, it is our utmost responsibility to ourselves and the people who matter to us, to know the best about health and not to neglect it.


Today’s guest author, Sasha Kiric, is a nurse at BodyWise Physiotherapy, a firm specializing insports physiotherapy. Whenever he isn’t busy, he enjoys spending quality time with his nephews.



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