If You Are Thinking About Having Breast Implants You Need To Read This!

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For many women that have always been worried about the size of their breasts, the idea of a breast augmentation is a very tempting prospect. However, knowing very little about the procedure or being influenced by tales of surgery nightmares can be enough to put a woman off. Of course there are the celebrities who are famous for their ridiculously-proportioned boobs, but most women just want to go up a cup size or two. There’s nothing wrong with that – you just need to know what it entails. Here’s our guide to the ins and outs of breast surgery:


Should I Get Breast Implants?

If you have always been worried about the size of your breasts then you should totally consider getting implants. However, before you make your final decision you should be absolutely sure that it is what you want. Some people opt for counseling first just to make sure it is not a hang-up that they can deal with another way. It should be your decision, totally, and you shouldn’t be influenced by anybody else, whether that is a friend or a partner.


When to Think Again

If you are being pressurized into getting a boob job then you need to stop and think. A lot of modeling agencies insist on girls having boobs of a certain size in order to get work. This is wrong, and they should not be allowed to do this. You should only consider a breast augmentation if you know it is what you want. If your boobs are too small for modeling, but you are personally happy with them, then it’s time to consider another career. Your surgeon will ask you lots of questions like this before agreeing to operate on you.


How to Prepare for the Op

Once you and your surgeon are both happy to go ahead, you will be booked in for a mammogram to make sure everything is as it should be. Then you will be given a date for the operation itself. Book a week or so off work so that you give yourself plenty of time to recover, and make sure you don’t plan on doing anything too strenuous for the next few months. On the day itself, you will be anesthetized and once the op is done you will be taken into a recovery room. Your chest will be wrapped up in surgical bandages to help your recovery.


The Recovery Process

You will be told exactly what you should and shouldn’t do after the operation by your surgeon, and it’s important that you follow their advice to the letter. Make sure someone is available to drive you home from the hospital, and have someone stay with you for a day or two afterwards when you will be quite incapacitated. You will be able to walk though so you won’t be bed-ridden.


Breast implants are a very common and accessible procedure to have done these days, and as long as you are happy with your decision and you know what to expect, you can look forward to a life of body confidence very soon!


Jane Jones is an employee at Island Plastic Surgery, which offers services such as face lift and breast implants in Long Island. Whenever she isn’t busy, she enjoys spending quality time with her nephews.


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