7 Simple Tricks To Healthy Living

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As much good as the current technological and societal progress has done for our lifestyle, it has surely enough brought a whole lot of misery too. Healthy living has become a dream as vague as the chances of finding life on the planet Venus. However, there’s always a solution close at hand. It may not lead us to any extra-terrestrial discovery, but it can certainly give us a much healthier lifestyle. All it takes are these seven quick fixes.


1)   A Full Breakfast

It sets the energy levels for the rest of the day. A hearty breakfast has the power to uplift even the most distressed souls. Have something that’s rich in fibers, like oatmeal with berries- it keeps the stomach full and satisfied for a longer time, thus letting you stay on your toes for a major part of the day.


2)   Drink Water. A lot.

How many times have you heard someone chant this like a success mantra? And yet, it’s one of the most forgotten things. Water keeps the whole unit running smoothly. For those on a diet, water becomes all the more essential as it helps curb food cravings. It also keeps the body hydrated, and we all know how important that is. It may be one clear, odorless and tasteless fluid, but do not ever underestimate its superpowers.


3)   Meet a Friend

A happy mind is a healthy mind. A happy mind is also one that gets to meet its favorite people every now and then. Man is, after all, a social animal. So, unless you’re a hermit, it’s absolutely essential that you stay in constant and DIRECT touch with civilization, and we don’t mean via the internet. Once in a while, it does perfectly okay, to shove everything aside and do something fun or just unwind with your close buddies. Time spent with the right people, is time well-spent.


4)   Sleep well

The body is a machine that needs to have all its systems in place to run smoothly. And one of its most important elements is sleep. Ideally, six to eight hours of sleep is perfect. But, given our ruthless schedules; even five hours of undisturbed sleep works wonders. Moreover, lack of sleep indirectly translates into weight gain, fluctuations in blood pressure and malfunctioning in the metabolism, mental processes etc. Sleep like a baby for at least five hours straight, and you’ll be surprised at how amazing you feel the next morning.


5)   Move!

Sloth may be one of the seven deadly sins, but in some cases, it’s THE deadliest sin. Slouching and dragging through the day like a zombie only makes things worse. MOVE; even if it means moving aimlessly around the office, or taking a trip around the house during the commercial break on TV. It may not help you lose weight, but at least your joints are not gathering dust. Moreover, an active body directly translates into an active mind.


6)   Acupuncture and Meditate

Don’t scoff. Seriously, try this! Acupuncture may come with a lot of debate, but it has a fair share of success stories to its credit. It may not be known to perform medical miracles, but, damn, it feels good- especially to the exhausted body and fried mind. Inexplicably, there’s something nice and pleasant about needles painlessly poking into your skin. As for meditation, it could be something as simple as putting your head back, closing your eyes and letting the thoughts randomly float past your mind. Or, just shutting off from work for five minutes and listening to your favorite song. Do this in regular intervals and see the miracles!


7)   Pursue a Hobby

This one’s especially for those who’ve come to hate their jobs. Pick a hobby. Pursue it, or rather, jump headfirst into it over the weekends or whenever you get the time. But, obviously, pick a hobby that’s healthy, adds to your overall well-being, and if not that, then at least makes you feel better long-term. Because, well, at the end of the day, we all need something good to look forward to; something that will just help us disconnect from the monotony of the cubicle and everyday life. And what do you know; you may just discover a gift you never knew you had.


Healthy living may be hyped as hell, but it certainly isn’t rocket science or a butt-naked swim in the Antarctic. Eight easy tricks. One elegant solution. Make time, stick to it and you’re good to go!


Today’s guest post is written by Edward James, an employee at CT Acupuncture Centre. Whenever he is free, he enjoys exploring nature and meditating.Visit  https://ctacupuncture.com for the latest information about acupuncture.



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