Five Important Questions You Should Ask While Buying Makeup

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Every woman is beautiful. By nature, women love to take care of their skin, giving it the right amount of TLC. This care obviously extends to their cosmetics, something that forms an integral part of their lives, right from a simple lipstick to a mascara or eye shadow. But often enough, they either end up choosing the wrong make-up for their skin, resulting in their faces looking like a complete disaster and in some worst case scenarios, outbreaks on their sensitive skin.

So ladies, here are five things that you must ask before you buy any cosmetic product:

1. What Does it Contain?

Yes, no drumrolls required on this one. It is really important for you to ask the expert at the counters to guide you through the USP of the product and the ingredients that go into making that particular cosmetic product (especially, the special ‘secret’ ingredient). It is also important to know whether the cosmetic product is oil-based or water-based, in order to know what would really agree with your skin. Because, if you have particularly oily skin, oil-based cosmetics could cause your skin to look greasy and could also cause an outbreak of acne, which we are definitely sure, you aren’t looking forward to.


2 Does it Offer Protection From Sun and Water?

It’s important to have cosmetics that protect your skin from harmful UV rays that could later cause long-lasting damage to your skin. Find out the best SPF level for your skin type and purchase your cosmetics accordingly.

Also, if you live in a region that is prone to high levels of humidity or rain, always buy water-proof make-up. This will save you from looking splotchy and smudgy when you finally reach your workplace on a particularly hot or rainy day, while maintaining the original just-out-of-your-home look.


3. Does it Match my Skin Tone?

Your makeup should match your skin tone or maybe be just a tone or two lighter/darker than your actual skin tone. You could try testers on your skin to check if the make-up is close to your skin tone. Because let’s face it, it’s not an ideal situation to have people at work pointing out how bright, patchy or dark your skin is suddenly looking in a day’s gap, nor is it attractive to look like a clown ready to be the joke of the day.


4. What’s the Expiry Date?

More often than not, we pick up cosmetics without caring to look at the expiry date on the products, which leads to much trouble later like allergies or sudden breakouts on skin or aged-looking skin. As a rule (one we’d like to set in stone), cosmetics should not be kept beyond three years. Keep this in mind the next time you feel reluctant to throw your favorite cosmetic product that you have been using ‘since ages’.


5. How to Really Apply the Make-up?

While applying make-up might not seem like the most difficult or daunting task in the world, the truth is, if you don’t know the art of applying the make-up correctly, you may often end up looking either too loud or without the correct effect of the make-up showing on your skin. Like, for example, when applying two shades of eye shadow, women often do not know to choose or mix shades well, which often ends up in people figuring out where one tone ends and the other begins, which is a big no-no where proper eye shadow application is concerned. Hence, always ask the person selling you the product the correct way to apply it. Do not hesitate. It’s always better to be better informed beforehand than become a laughingstock later.


Follow the rules above to buy the right make-up that enhances the contours of your face and skin just perfectly, and makes you look beautiful and radiant every day.


The author of this post, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger and a fashion enthusiast working with Chi Chi Cosmetics which specializes in an extensive range of cosmetic products in Melbourne. She practices yoga in her leisure time. To know more, follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.



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