Words Have Power – Understanding How To Use The Power Of Words Effectively

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The power of words cannot be denied. Language is one of the triumphs of the human spirit. It is how we communicate with one another, it is how we get across complicated ideas, and it is how we express passion and motivation for action. If you have an important message that you need to put together in words, here are five things to keep in mind which will help you fully harness the incredible power of words.


1 – First, don’t just focus on what words you say, focus on how you choose to say the words that you do. When people receive a message, they get just as much from the tone of your voice and your body language as they do from the individual words that you choose to say. Obviously, if they are receiving your message via a written article or blog post, this is not going to be as applicable – but if they are receiving your message during a live presentation, a webinar, or a video – then you definitely need to focus on all of the subconscious modes of communication as well as the words that you choose.


2 – Second, make sure that the words with which you choose to convey your message resonate with you deep inside. If you do not feel deep passion and conviction when you deliver your message, chances are your audience will not receive it with any deep emotion or motivation either.


3 – Third, choose words which are descriptive as well as informative. The majority of people need more than just dry information in order to receive what you say. Choose words with the intention of taking them on an emotional journey. This will put them in a much better place to then receive the facts that you can deliver with purely informational text.


4 – Fourth, do not make the mistake of believing that your message gets into the subconscious of your reader or listener based on the overall global composition of your words. Sales copywriters can tell you that just changing one word in a four thousand word sales letter can vastly affect the response rate of that sales letter. Just one word! Craft your message with the same care. Every single word you say is critical.


5 – Fifth, make sure you clear your speech of fillers such as “um” and “uh.” These convey a lack of conviction and a lack of authority and what you are saying. That is the absolute last impression that you want to give to your audience. When you speak or you write, you want your audience to feel that you are the utmost authority on whatever topic you are holding forth on. Hesitation will only delete that message, if not undermine it completely.


By respecting the power that words carry and crafting your message accordingly, you will be able to get it across to your audience in a way that will let them feel the passion that you feel and take action on that passion.


Vega Francesca is a psychology graduate from Cal State Los Angeles. She writes for different blogs about mental and psychological health. She is currently working closely with ConsciousInk, a company with the goal to spread positivity through encouragement temporary tattoos.



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