A Look At The Latest Remedies For Hearing Loss

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As the field of medical technology continues to advance rapidly, those with hearing loss have more hope that they’ll be able to hear more clearly than ever before. While there have been plenty of hearing aid options available on the market for many years for those who have trouble hearing, the latest technology makes these devices smaller and better than ever. There have also been breakthroughs in research that may point the way towards medications that may someday be able to heal the ear and restore hearing completely.

To learn more about just some of the latest remedies available for patients suffering with hearing loss, continue reading.


An Invisible Hearing Aid

The problem with hearing aids has always been that they’ve been bulky and really noticeable when placed on or in the ear. But the latest technology has allowed invisible hearing aids to hit the market. One great example is the Invisible-In-the-Canal hearing aid, which is also referred to as IIC. It sits directly in the ear canal, so only a doctor will know that a person is wearing this hearing aid. It’s also removable so that individuals can rest assured that the ears will breathe overnight while they sleep, just as anyone would remove contact lenses before bed in order to let the eyes rest and for oxygen to circulate. These devices are also custom-fitted to every individual’s ear in order to provide the most secure fit possible even for the most active lifestyle.


A Waterproof Hearing Aid

Siemens Aquaris is a completely waterproof hearing aid that’s perfect for those who wish to remain active despite having to deal with hearing loss. Those who love to swim can get into the water with confidence, knowing that this hearing aid device will sit firmly on the ear and is completely sealed to keep water out of its compartments. It can even be submerged more than 1 meter and still function properly.


A Hearing Aid for Tinnitus

For individuals who suffer from hearing loss accompanied by annoying tinnitus symptoms, the Siemens Ace is a perfect match. It fits behind the ear and it’s tiny so individuals won’t see or feel it. Plus, it’s water resistant. More importantly, it’s able to drown out tinnitus symptoms.


A New Drug May Cure Deafness

Musicians and DJs tend to suffer from hearing loss after all of the years that they’re exposed to very loud music for long periods of time, so they’re often a target of research because they’re one group of individuals who will inevitably have to face some level of hearing loss in their lifetimes.


A new drug that has been referred to as LY411575 may be able to actually regenerate sensory hair cells in the ears, thereby restoring hearing that was once lost. When these cells are lost as a result of infection, drugs, and loud noise, the remedy can magically restore them like never before, thereby making a previously irreversible condition reversible. But the research is still very new and has only be conducted in mice thus far, so people will have to wait and see if the drug will work in humans as well.


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