Have You Ever Wondered What Was Involved With Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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There are a variety of reasons why women may wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery and this is not typically always for reasons of vanity as most people assume. In fact, many women have breast enlargement surgery to either reconstruct their breasts after some other form of emergency surgery or to improve their overall health and well-being. However, with so many horror stories that surround breast augmentation surgery it can be a fairly daunting to know what to expect. This post will introduce you to the facts that you need to know.


What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast enlargement surgery is known as Augmentation Mammoplasty in medical terms and is typically sought by those who believe their breasts are too small. This could be due to the fact they have always been small or have simply decreased in size with age. Many women who have undergone a mastectomy will also seek a breast enlargement or some form of reconstructive surgery. Whatever, your reason for wanting breast augmentation surgery, you can rest assured that there are typically not many side effects to be wary of. With that being said, this is of course if your procedure is being performed by a professional and reputable surgeon.


What’s Involved with Breast Augmentation Surgery?

A patient undergoing this type of surgery will typically be given a general anesthetic to ensure that they are not awake during the procedure. The most popular method of breast enlargement is to add implants, which are most commonly silicone or saline. There are a number of ways in which these implants are inserted. Under the breast or through the nipple are the most common, although implants can also be inserted through the armpit or navel. There are advantages and disadvantages to all these methods of insertion and these will usually be discussed with you by your surgeon beforehand. The method used will largely depend on your body type and the amount of time the procedure takes will very much depend, once again, on the method used.


Anything Else You Should Know?

One of the most common questions asked by women wishing to undergo breast augmentation surgery is the potential effect it may have on breast feeding. To be completely honest, in the vast majority of cases, there is very little impact this type of surgery will have on breast feeding, but nevertheless many women have experienced problems afterwards. It is important to discuss these issues with your surgeon, who can hopefully put your mind at ease.


You should be aware that after this type of surgery it is far more difficult to perform a mammogram. This is because it is a lot harder to actually assess the breast tissue and if you are going to have a mammogram you should inform the radiographer that you have had breast augmentation surgery. Breast enlargement surgery is still one of the most popular cosmetic procedures anywhere in the world and literally millions of women undergo this procedure each and every year. If you do hear of problems occurring this is generally because the surgeon may not have been qualified to perform this type of surgery. Therefore, it is extremely important to discuss this with your surgeon and family beforehand, to put your mind at ease.


Today’s feature writer, Jane Edmonds, works for Dr.JoAn Monaco who runs a plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic in Manhattan. She enjoys playing basketball during her free time. Log on to monaconycplasticsurgery.com/ for more information on her work.



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