Turbo Boost Your Hotness With These 3 Wicked Gadgets!

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If you take a pride in your appearance and also like to take care of your health and fitness concerns, it can be so annoying when your skin refuses to play ball! No matter how healthy your diet may be, those spots always seem to have the last word. You’ve tried more creams than most, and none of them seem to have any long lasting effects. So maybe it is time for you to look into some technical allies that promise to shift the power balance back in your favour. This article takes a look at some of these appliances and discusses what possibilities they can offer us.


The Zeno PRO – $200        

We’ll get the ball rolling with this ‘Spot Zapper’ known as the Zeno PRO, and what a way to start!This handheld device uses a controlled amount of heat to sound the death knell to those annoying spots and pimples that seem to love our facial skin so much. The Zeno PRO should be applied before the ‘head’ emerges and promises a sticky end to these gremlins. You can get rid of the spot without worrying about any acne scars and the chances of a further breakout should be minimised nicely. Your skin will not become dry or flaky as a result and we think this gadget is just what the skin doctor ordered! If you are worried about any side effects, you should probably speak to your doctor or beauty therapist before making the purchase. But we think the Zeno PRO is a piece of scientific skincare-genius!


TRIA – Laser Hair Removal – $1000

TRIA offers a terrific way to get shot of that unwanted body hair for ladies and gents alike. It uses the same technology as the latest machines in high-end beauty salons and it’s yours to use as many times as you like! Some may baulk at the price tag but it is easily justifiable when you consider how many sessions you will get as a result. You can even offer your buddies some cut price hair removal sessions and get some of that money back! The TRIA emits pulsed laser beams to kill your growing body hair and it does this so well. It will not offer instant results but when used regularly it breaks down the hair growth cycle nicely. It will render your skin nice and smooth and you’ll never need worry about those painful waxing sessions or shaving rashes ever again!


Nora Bode Oxyjet Handheld Travel Kit – $700

This is a very cool way to ensure that your precious skin is getting its fair share of valuable oxygen. The professional salons and therapists use a similar system and they charge the earth for each session! The Nora Bode floods your skin with a heavy dose of oxygen from the bespoke nozzle system. This combines with some pretty special skin preparation products and the results are excellent. Your skin is stimulated into producing collagen and this has a glowing effect on your facial skin. The price tag may seem a little steep but the benefits surely justify this initial outlay. We are convinced that you will see some great results after the 2nd or 3rd session!


Bad Skin Doesn’t Stand a Chance!

Each of these gadgets mirrors a similar treatment offered by the expensive salons, so skip the middle man and start treating your skin to some professional care at home!


Today’s feature writer, Penny Swann, is a part time blogger who works at one of the leading fat reduction & coolsculpting clinics in Manhattan. She likes to blog about the latest gadgets available in the field of cosmetics and shows a keen interest in technology.



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