Can’t Get A Good Night’s Sleep? Why Not Fight Back With The Help Of These Gadgets?

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If you are one of those millions of individuals who can never seem to get a decent night’s sleep, then you will be familiar with the drowsy and irritable mood swings that this condition brings. Your boss is not interested in your ‘excuses’ and can’t understand why you are always struggling to stay awake in the afternoons. It remains a problem that affects a large percentage of the nation, and it is no laughing matter. This article feels your pain and takes a look at some gadgets that have been designed to get you back in the game once more!


aXbo Alarm Clock – POA

An alarm clock may seem like the absolute nemesis to a god night of sleep but it is quite the opposite in fact! Okay, a crude device that seems to go ballistic at a pre-determined time can be the last thing that you need when you have just about started to sleep. But the problem remains that you really need a device that understands your actual sleeping pattern and is able to predict the best method and time for your morning wake up call. Scientists have done a lot of research on our sleeping patterns and have discovered the optimum times to wake us up. Each of us has a unique sleeping pattern based on our individual biorhythm. The aXbo combines with a wristband that extracts this data by recording your night’s sleep. This information is then transferred to the aXbo and you are woken up at the optimum time. If you are always feeling as if you needed an extra tem minutes, why not try the aXbo and see if it makes a difference?


 EZ Sleep Travel Pillow – $19.99

There can be nothing worse than trying to get some much needed sleep whilst on your travels and arriving at your destination feeling dishevelled. Well those days or nights can now be banished with the use of this excellent sleep aid from! It is an inflatable device that is easily assembled using only 3 or 4 breaths and it is small enough to stow away in your carry-on luggage. Instead of those weird looking neck pillows, this looks like a real classy cushion that actually does what it is supposed to. You can also use it to create a little privacy between yourself and those nosey passengers who always seem to be looking your way. You don’t need to wait for a journey to use this comfortable device, it will allow you to catch 40 or more winks at home on your couch or even in the garden, if the sun is out!  Your upper body is supported in a way that will not cause you any neck pain and you’ll soon be taking this pillow with you everywhere, even to work! We’ve seen individuals using these on the beach and they are soon the most relaxed people there, by a long way! Try this device for your next impromptu sleep and you will be glad that you did!


Sleepless Nights 0 Gadgets 2

We believe these 2 very different gadgets are totally on your side when it comes to banishing those drowsy days and restless nights!


Abbey Brooks, today’s featured writer, works for CAPAPOnly to provide good quality CPAP masks and accessories at affordable prices. She has a keen interest in reading science fiction books and likes to listen to music in her free time.



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