The New Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, it all tends to be about the expectant mother; after all she is going to be carrying your growing baby for the next 9 months. But what about the father to be?

To successfully survive the next 9 months of pregnancy, you are going to need to know the ins and outs of what to expect over the next 40 weeks and beyond.

Rather than feeling left out and like you do not have a role in your partners pregnancy, get yourself involved at every level, this will help you get prepared for what is going to be coming up.


Preparing the Nest

When people speak about changes during pregnancy, there are two things that you expect most as a father to be, that is: a change in your partner’s body and a change in her mood swings. As the months pass, you can expect to see your partners body blossom and her moods change as often as the wind blows. However, this is not the only change you will experience; you may also see a change within your home.

If you have been living with your partner for a while now, it is likely that you are already in a set routine when it comes to cleaning your home. If your partner tends to take control of cleaning, you may need to get yourself involved. Your partner is going to become tired much easier and will no longer be able to do the same things around the home as she once done.

Surprise your other half by taking control and help prepare your nest for your newborn baby. You will probably notice a lot of extra things in the home, including a crib, changing table, stroller, car seat and lots of toys and gadgets you never knew existed. Get yourself familiar with all the new equipment so you are prepared when your baby comes.


Prenatal Visits

Many years ago, it would be unusual if the father were to be present during labour and prenatal visits; however, in this day and age it is completely normal for the expectant father to be present.

In total, there will be around 15 routine prenatal visits before labour. I’m sure your partner would appreciate it if you were present during all visits; however this is not always possible due to work commitments.

It is extremely important that the father is present during the first appointment and the prenatal ultrasound scan; important decisions can be made during these appointments.


Suggest Classes

Your other half will love to see you getting involved during your pregnancy. As there is not too much you can take control of during pregnancy, suggest going to a prenatal class with your partner is something you both can get involved with.

There are many different classes that you can attend together to get you both prepared for labour. Knowing what is going to be happening in the months ahead will relieve the stress you are both feeling at this anxious time.

By sharing anxieties, worries and problems with one another will only make things easier on you both and bring you both closer together at such an exciting time.


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