Pregnant? Here’s A List Of Things That’ll Help Make Your Life Easier

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If you’ve recently found out your pregnant, first of all congratulations! But you’ll have no doubt received plenty of well wishes already and what you’re here for is to get information on stuff to get you through your pregnancy!

So, without further ado, here is my blog on the essential items to get you through the next nine months or so.


Early Days/ Pre Pregnancy

First of all you’ll want to bag some prenatal vitamins. In truth you will have hopefully considered these already, but that may not have been the case. These, especially folic acid, can really help prevent neural tube defects and should be taken pre pregnancy and also in the early days.

You’ll also want to invest in some good moisturiser as itchy dry skin is a common complaint amongst pregnant women.


Second Trimester

Maternity clothing is essential as you begin to balloon in size. Sore legs, spider veins and swollen ankles are a common enough complaint amongst pregnant women, so it is in your best interest in investing in a decent pair of maternity tights. Don’t scrimp and save on these, invest wisely and you’ll really reap the benefits of the tights for a number of months.


On that note, comfy shoes are vital as well as an abundance of new bras. Depending on whether you opt to breastfeed or not, you may find your breasts grow one or even two cup sizes, so it is well worth discussing this in the store or with fellow mums to be if you attend any classes.

A maternity belt can provide extra back support in addition to the maternity hosiery and you will also want to invest in other general day to day clothes you feel comfy in.

Your comfort is essential during these months, so it is in your best interest to seek some pillows that can make you really feel comfortable.

Finally, you should look into antacids to help combat any heartburn you experience during pregnancy, although you really should speak to your GP before investing in any kind of medication.


Third Trimester

By this time you should be settled into a routine so you can consider looking into the other essentials required once the baby is born.

A car seat is an obvious investment to make, you’ll need this to get from the hospital and of course to ferry around your new bundle of joy to all your friends and relatives (although with any luck they will do all the travelling for you, as you won’t exactly be in the condition to drive around in the early days after pregnancy)

You may want to invest in a crib, or at least have in your mind where the baby will be sleeping.

Finally, if you are going to breastfeed you will definitely need to look into bottles and pumps to help you store extra milk. The pump will also allow you to have bottles prepared should you not be around for feeding time for whatever reason.


Louisa Jenkins is a freelance health blogger. Here she blogs on pregnancy and the importance of looking into things such as maternity tights, supplied by the likes of Credenhill, as well as other essentials to get through the next nine months in as much comfort as possible.



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