Pest Control Routine Service During Pregnancy – Are You Going To Cancel Or Not?

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Pregnancy is one of the toughest times for women. They are now not only taking care of themselves, but they are also taking care of another human being inside their body. Because pregnancy is a delicate process, soon-to-be moms are advised to eat right, avoid too much stress, and basically keep away from things that could harm the baby.


However, one dilemma that many expecting mothers have is continuing with the routine pest control service for their home or not. On one hand, the service is needed to control pest population inside the house, and it is very important that their population is controlled because pests can do a lot of harm to defenseless babies. On the other hand, pest control products are known to harm fetuses. The products are known to cause abnormalities in the fetus such as weak heart, congenital anomalies, weak lungs, etc. The question is – should they push through with the service or should they have it cancelled?


Better and Safer Products

Because we are now more aware of the harm traditional pest control products do not only to the environment but to humans and animals as well, manufacturers of pest control products are developing better and safer products. In fact, today’s advancements and modern technology have made it possible for pest control products to use fewer chemicals. Some pest control products do not even make use of any chemicals at all. Instead, they make use of organic and natural ingredients so the product is lot safer.


The Need for Pest Control

Pest infestation can be very harmful. You do not want pests contaminating your food and water; you do not want them biting you, especially your newborn baby; and you do not want them triggering allergies. If you discontinue your routine pest control service, the pest infestation could easily escalate. Instead of a single termite colony infesting your home, the colony could branch off into two and you will have double to worry about. The population of rats could easily double without proper pest control protecting your home. A pest-infested home is definitely something you do not want your baby to go home to.


Professional or Store-Brought Pest Control Product?

Because you are only seeing a few bugs and spiders in your home, it does not mean that a commercial pest control product will suffice to get rid of them. Store-brought pest control products can be much worse than the products used by pest control companies. If you do not use the product as recommended, if you mixed too little or too much of a chemical, if you made use of the wrong chemical, or if you used too much of the product, not only are you risking the health of your baby, but yours as well.


You do not have to cancel your routine pest control service. You only have to get in touch with your local pest control company and tell them you are expecting a baby. They have special methods of pest control product application, and they will treat your home with extra care. Of course, to really be sure you, your baby, and your home are safe, always ask your provider if they are using green products.


Jennifer Dallmeyer is a writer for home improvement and parenting blogs. If you are having pest infestation problems at home, she recommends visiting for more info in getting rid of pests.



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